Wednesday, February 27, 2019

This Snow Needs to Go

pregnant gray
birthing cold snowflakes
blanketing signs of spring life

author's note: I am watching the
snow fall dreaming of warmer
days. I gave the Cinquain a new twist.

courtesy of Pixabay
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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Let Me Paint You a Story


Beneath winter's snow moon
seeking color to brighten the mood
pigments of you and I run together

brushing starlight into a darken sky
my dreams alive in vibrant hues
layers of blues, sing in the night

searching for undiluted words
bold with meaning, breathing life
fiery passion into sleeping dragonflies

awakening to the scent of violets
connecting heaven and earth
spring blooms feather out upon
the canvas of my mind

let me paint you a picture story
in an endless sky, about a love that
will never die...

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Making Tracks Will the River Crack

Walking along the river's edge in solitude, I close my eyes in the morning light. Inhale the freshness of the pines, let peace flow through my soul. Opening my heart, keeping my dreams alive, in hopes they will never die.  Making tracks with my winter boots leaving imprints in the quest. A red tailed hawk flies overhead,  telling me there is nothing to dread.  It's time to change perspective to see beyond frozen choppy waters.  I wrap threads of soft blue wool around my neck, keeping me warm on a cold day. 

The remains of yesterday swirl,  left over snowflakes, not the kind made from scissors and paper.  The kind that dance upon your eyelashes to the song of a misty day. I've seen the parade of souls marching to a sacred drum they came in various forms singing ancient songs. Sometimes,  they make quite the clatter as if to say did their  life really matter?  How many miles did they paddle in their canoes to find a place of heart?  In silence, I make my way home.

frozen life harsh cold
river slumbers in winter
dreaming of spring thaw

author's note: written for dVerse
Haibun Monday - Solitude

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Visible, Invisible, Inexplicable

I dreamt of meeting you
eye to eye, heart to heart
soul to soul...

but, you chose to be invisible
hiding behind a  cloak of

our words, poems and songs
were the visible evidence
of our spiritual connection...

what is invisible to the eye
is not invisible to the heart
love is inexplicable

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Write a poem in any form that references invisible or invisibility

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Ballad of the Heart

You flew me to places unknown
never had I felt so high...
in another realm you will
always me my guy...

wrapped in the arms of
dreamy romanticism
making love, sensuous words
our hearts in poetic rhythm
were they the verses of fools

in the wanderings of my mind
poetic forms forever intertwined

lingering lips, a lyrical kiss
memories of you sing in my head
I awaken, alone,  it's you I miss
so many thoughts, I never said

You flew me to places unknown
never had I felt so high...
in another realm you will
always be my guy...

Lord, knows I couldn't sleep last night
our spiritual dialogue an unsung song
crying in darkness, waiting for daylight
longing for a tune, it's been too long

in the wanderings of my mind
poetic forms forever intertwined 

in silence, I pen nouns and verbs
trying to reconstruct a bit of magic
our story, more than a short blurb
fusion of the soul raw & dramatic

You flew me to places unknown
never had I felt so high...
in another realm you will
always be my guy...
always be my guy
always be my guy

this is for you my unsung song
ballad of the heart, before dawn

tell me in the morning's light gleam
were we more than a slumberous dream

author's note: Thank you for reading!
A restless night stirred the wanderings
of my mind.