Saturday, May 31, 2014

Queen Anne's Revenge


Clock strikes midnight, moon rising with a yawn
two light hearted fools gazing above starlight
lingering under the heavens, magic before dawn
rolling ship begins to rock, cat sitting tight

Captain Pat & Truedessa sharing ghost tales
from the depth below a black dragon roams
two light hearted fools travel beyond the veil
eerie sound, choppy water, angry sea foams

drumming fills the air, billowing canvas sails
tension tugging ropes,  cat walking the plank
drawing two fools closer to the ship rails
heavy sound of iron,  a sudden loud clank

emerging from beneath flying manta ray
hauling a chain caught on his triangular fin
whoosh the chain breaks, get out of the way
wooden chest lands with a thud,  trio grin

treasure heaved from the ocean's  floor
through thick haze, shadowy object appears
Truedessa trembling wild waves roar
awakening hidden superstitious fears

filled with silver trinkets & coins of  gold
tonight Blackbeard's spirit we will wrestle
chill fills the air, battle will soon unfold
"Queen Ann's Revenge" haunting vessel

channeling energy,  deep mournful  cry
wind changes course  turbulent storm
whirling grayish clouds ominous sky
ghostly apparitions start to take form

Blackbeard's ship picking up speed
tis,  treasure these pirates wish to plunder
their leaden hearts filled with greed
night cuts with ear piercing thunder

Captain Pat at the helm devilish grin
slicing  darkness, Blackbeard stands
bellowing "this is a battle you cannot win"
fiercely grabbing Truedessa's  hands

fiery cannons blast, massive smokey mist
Truedessa and the treasure chest are gone
Captain now  pissed pounds his heavy fist
I'll have her back before the light of dawn

Truedessa sends her vibe to Captain Pat
he & the cat descend to the berth below
mixing a magic  potion a tad of this & that
drinking it quickly they begin to grow
   &GrOW & GROW

leaping in warm water, lightning speed
swimming to the pirates runaway vessel
Captain declaring  this will be fun indeed
Blackbeard better be ready to wrestle

counting his coins drinking his dark rum
Truedessa sensing  trouble was afloat
she heard the mystic sea start to drum
Captain Pat hollering,  toying with the boat

Blackbeard cursing, we are under attack
who is this giant called "Captain Pat"
Captain laughs as they ricochet back
body of steel, mighty ship will go splat

Trudesssa quickly jumps on the cat with glee
pocketful  of  silver trinkets and a bit of gold
Captain plunging the ship into an abyssal sea
resting for eternity in the underworld's fold

shrinking they  hurry enchantment won't  last
scurrying up the worn ladder safely on deck
Captain Pat chuckles being a giant was a blast
Truedessa wraps her arms around his neck

over the horizon brilliant orange sunrise
together side by side bringing in a new day
two light hearted fools enjoying surprises
magical adventures on the way to bora bay..

as the ship gently sways the cat plays

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another Light-Hearted Fool adventure
as they make their way to Bora Bora bay.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dashboard Messiah

The job cut him loose
no more work they said
shattering his dreams
into tiny pieces of glass
praying  lost in his car
to a dashboard messiah
his image tarnished
searching for a new persona
under a luminous moon
casting dark shadows
quick as lightning
     up speed
          driving  down I95 South
with the wind & a prayer
radio blasting , drowning
his thoughts..need to escape
opening a door new place
warmth...pass the collection
he is free...

posted for dVerse hosted by Anthony
writing poetry from the following words
Messiah,Allegory, Luminous, Plate, Shadow, Door, Persona, Glass. Vitiligo, Epochal, Pernicious, Warmth. You had to use at least 5 words. I used 8.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Tear Was Wept

A tear was wept purity  since  the  start 
gentle  white   bell   shape  delicate  design 
spring  brings  restoration   to  anxious hearts
perpetual  light  your  spirit  does shine

in the shadow of the  earthly  valley
musical  notes   soar  ,  chimes  of the divine
singing  carefree  spirits  yearn   to   dally 
caught  momentarily ,  searching   for   signs 

guiding  new  pathways  sweet   heavenly   scent 
radiating   assurance  , blooms of  hope 
seeking  renewed  peace   and   feeling   content 
life  an  ever   changing  kaleidoscope

remembering   great   dream   grow   from   small  seeds
nurturing   love  , fulfilling  human   needs 

posted for Poets United - A sonnet
Author's note: In Memory of my Grandmother
pic one of my own..

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Breathing Fresh Air..

Edward Hopper, 1922 

We meet in the city for lunch
celebrating another book deal
I look into your soulful  eyes
I need to see you..

Your eyes sparkle with delight
piano man playing soft music
I listen attentively to your words
I need to hear you..

Whispering , I've missed you
big  city has lost its glimmer
I inhale your woodsy aroma
I need to smell you..

Let us escape these city walls
drive into green countryside
I long to kiss your soft lips
I need to taste you...

Under a willow tree we meet
relinquishing all restraints
we reach for each other
we need to touch..
sensing love..

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lose the Umbrella Feel the Rain

Wikimedia After-the-Rains Florence Peel

 rain  quenches thirstiness
 fill  thy  cup 

 weeping  willow  moist  tears
 cry   no   more 

 beyond  the  waterfall 
dreams  take   root 

around  the  river  bend
 current   swift 

dancing  free  in the  rain 
spirits  soar 


posted for dVerse Kelvin has us writing
Tilus his own form