Thursday, May 30, 2013

Riding High - The Mag

I'm going to  ride, ride, ride
with my head held high

I'm chasing a golden sun
roaring thunder in  a dark sky
riding the white tail of the mare
crystal teardrops fall from my eyes
a distant storm, silent prayer

ancient  dwellers playing drums
grasping  the reins bareback I fly
wild spirit, fast & furious on a dare
meeting  my warrior within the storm's eye
high winds roar, wispy trails of love beware

filled with grace, heaven hums
beyond the clouds our wills comply
embracing feather light, we share
love so rich and deep, we sigh
melting in a piece of golden sun

We're going to ride, ride , ride
with our heads held high

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lily of the Valley for Dverse May 28, 2013

pic from Wikipedia

Lily of the Valley

A tear was wept a sign of purity from the start
healing release of a troubled heart
white bell shape so delicate in design
in stillness you can hear the chimes of the divine

Though you lie low in the shadow of the earthly valley
your beauty adds completeness to the gallery
protector against evil spirits in anyone’s garden
your best defense, your sweet alluring scent

Filling our heads with a heavenly aroma
inducing black spirits into a long deep coma
radiating assurance to those whom are sad
that the return of happiness is always at hand

Delicate emotions of the heart can be mended
an overflowing spirit can meet needs
expectations and dreams grow from a seed
in a life of misfortune, you remind us that
Love is the ultimate “Fortune”

author's note: I wrote this in memory of my grandmother and her birthday was this week. I know she is watching from the upper world.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

These Tears - dVerse May 21, 2013

These Tears!
Has life left you broken, who holds the token

a token of hope, in a world of confusion

gentle bruising and contusions

could this be an epidemic, call a medic

Today, do you live in a state of fear

the world in civil unrest, too much to digest

everyone hungry for a taste of freedom

searching for their Garden of Eden

These tears I cry, I cry for you

let’s bury hatred and past sorrows

plant new seeds for better tomorrows

these tears I cry, I cry for you

Yesterday's, lessons shadows of the past

break the stronghold of oppression

who will lead the intercession

cast out demons, humanity to stand fast

Today, let’s strive for precious moments

inhale the richness of happiness

exhale the pain of strife, sadness

feel a healing, a sense of newness

These Tears I cry, I cry for you

let’s bury hatred and past sorrows

plant new seeds for better tomorrows

these tears I cry, I cry for you

author's note: I wrote this a while back and read it at an open poetry mic and thought I would share it here tonight

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mag169 - May 19th, 2013 - Lighthouse

Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth

In a field of dandelions
my  mind wanders in thoughts
I'm lost

magnificent light flickers in the night
my heart flutters,  wings of a moth
I pause

golden house star of guidance
my soul seeks refuge
I sigh

love in abundance growing fonder
a vision before my eyes
I cry

breathtaking view, wondrous life
the path leads me to you
I'm found