Sunday, February 27, 2022

Spinning, Molding, Shaping

The Sunday Muse

These hands caked in moist clay
what will they form on a potter's wheel

it may take a lifetime to discover a work of art
for each day we are sculpted in subtle ways

what tools will you use to sharpen the details
of life, will it be birdsong and yellow daffodils
skies of silver and blue

will water flow in the river of thoughts
creating an emerging vessel of being

creativity takes time and imagination
a heart that is stronger than play-doh

a clay heart may have cracks but, the
cracks remind us that we have lived
and loved...

its not so much the finished pottery
as it is the space that fills it

what will you fill yours with


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celebrating the 200th prompt

author's note:  I live in the U.S.
and have been studying dream-work
for many years. I am on a quest for
the greater meaning of life, I am not
sure it will ever be found.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Sojourn With Me

Canoe, Water, Nature, Natural, Outdoors, Environment
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Sojourn with me on the river of poetic birth

swift canoe, ready to embark on a journey

paddling fresh waters of deeper thoughts

riding the currents of a changing world


listen for whispers of the ancestral land

through the mystical lens, eyes begin to see

communing with the trees, stars and moon

taking in the wonder of the great unknown


enlightenment in the blue spectrum of life

experiencing a bond within mystical dreams

for in this vast universe, all is connected

leaving imprints, wherever,  we traverse


carrying an ancient medicine bag of herbs

for all shaman must walk alone for a bit

to sing the deeper song of the spiritual self

worn moccasins a testament to the quest


pressing the essence of nouns and verbs

consonants and vowels creating words

through the dark and light places of life

feathering  an epic adventure in free verse


drift  with me to the land of wildnerness

be brave, trust you inner warrior spirit

surrounded in mystic rings of moonlight

dipping far beneath the rippling surface


wander with me,  to a long ago time

where towering cedars sing us a lullaby

wooing  weary hearts, to an ancient drum

dawn offers glimpses to the poetry of life


travel with me my poetic friend

let us see what our hearts will pen


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Travel safe my friends.....  

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Wishing you peace and calmness during these times of weariness....
peace, light and love



Tuesday, February 8, 2022

No-Where Train

Rails, Train, Nature, Landscape, Quiet
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Tired of riding this no-where train
can't you see, I need to keep moving
there's a song playing after the rain

clickety-clack out the window pane
sometimes, life can be confusing
tired of riding this no-where train

let's sip some pink champagne
change the track, to our choosing
there's a song playing after the rain

singing about life's sweetest refrain
the rhythm and rhyme are soothing
tired of riding this nowhere train

love, is something I can't explain
days are lighter, the tunes improving
there's a song playing after the rain

who knows how much time remains
spring wonders will be blooming
tired of riding this nowhere train
there's a song playing after the rain

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a villanelle

author's note:  The hook for this came to
me on my afternoon walk, I could hear
the train on the nearby tracks.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

The Pulp of My Story

The Sunday Muse Prompt

stood tall
a symbol of wisdom
expanding consciousness
living, breathing and giving
my roots dug deep into the rich earth
my crown always reaching towards light
my limbs sprouting to the beat of nature's song
often, I'd whisper ancient secrets into listening ears
the birds came in pairs nested in between my loving limbs
growing in splendor between the earthly and heavenly realms
then, the day of darkness came, cutting pieces of me one by one
your red axe heavy, hitting me hard, I cried silently in pain
YOU swung and swung until there was nothing left
putting your axe down leaving your mark
in the stump of what once was

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May your inner tree always grow towards the light
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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Near Flowers

near flowers
a beacon of light


written in memory of Jeremy Hawkins 

Jeremy was a blogger who touched many lives
through his creative art.  

Near Flowers - Being Retro

Yes, you can click it....

Check out this beautiful print created by Jeremy,
perhaps, you will be moved to purchase one
in his memory.

‘Never gone, just transformed’ This is my belief