Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falling into Autumn

moon illuminates the heavens
as the drums vibrate to the
fluid frequency of love...

tonight,  I feel pulses of my heart
and in the recesses of my mind
I recall a dream filled with hope..

perfume of sage & sweet grass
circulate the smoky interior
in waning hours of September

falling into the arms of autumn

a black crow flaps overhead
& the spirited  white wolf howls
as the red  super moon arises

in the splendor of each beat
placing  intentions for those
in need of healing & peace

I close my eyes drifting as
a freshly fallen autumn leaf
resting near a great oak

falling into the arms of autumn

revival  in a  morning sun
under a  canopy of brilliant hues
baptizing sprays of light...

drink in a cup of a new day
ease into the silent beauty
sipping the flavors of life

in this day of equilibrium
united in light & darkness
that we might feel change

falling into the arms of autumn

posted for Poets United
author's note: I participated
in a Fall Equinox celebration
last night ushering in autumn
& the winds of change.. 
I wrote this to honor the 

remembering a friend...gone
to the sky-world..

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Shades of Shadows

Craved images of you, flash before my eyes
 flood me like a lone streetlight amongst the darkness
  light flows around me,  through  me, within me
      hungry desire that needs to be satisfied
         dancing in shades of shadows

A lost love found me, in you
   and you were found in me
     in the fluidity of your presence
        in the ecstasy of our love
           we became one being

posted for dVerse 
hosted by Anthony Desmond

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Beyond the Vista

thundering hooves, black stallion
trail of music from here to there
sun shines high, glistening medallion
soft wispy clouds - tail of the mare...

feathers fall from a wide brim hat
and...I wonder where your heart is at

take me out to the prairie lands
in vast fields the wild bison roam
this place my spirit understands
it is here the cowboy calls home

feathers fall from a wide brim hat
and...I wonder where your heart is at

in an azure sky, I wonder why
our dreams alone hold us tight
summer days are drifting bye
fall approaches, under starlight

rounding up heartfelt songs
strumming a six string guitar
ya know guns don't right wrongs
forgiveness in  a shooting star

feathers fall from a wide brim hat
feathers fall from a wide brim hat
and... I wonder where your heart is at

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fixer Upper

lost dreams
newly foreclosed
needs tender loving care
owners split in a pillow fight
for sale
doll house
dreams moved away
emptiness hangs on walls
what happened to the inner child
come home

posted for Mag 285
form: Cinquain

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dance from your Heart

under  a sky of silver and blue
floating notes of wooden flutes
I drift away to the beat of time

through the archway of heady pine
keepers of the sacred burning fire
dancing in rhythm with mother earth

closing my eyes to hear nature's sound
I slowly shed my skin, layer by layer
in burst of orange and yellow light

summer breeze, flutes sweetest song
weaving me into a magical trance
soft and mellow it calls me home

sashay she says,  to the driving beat
  dance of love it is an art
     dance from your heart
around the inner circle we move as one
giving thanks for the gifts of sun & moon
around the fire,  what are your desires

steady rhythm of the  tribal drums
move our feet to a joyous sound
celebrating sacred grounds....

It is in the silence between the beats
that we can truly hear the calling...
in this humble state..we are awaken

Dance from your heart

posted for Poets United
author's note: Pic taken
by me with permission.
poem written to honor
the sacred circle...

this is a wip ...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dialogue of a Dream

The Pine, Hawk and Glossy Ganoderma by Lang Shining

In my dream I met a sage
we sat under a white pine
I asked " why are you here"

and he replied 
 " I am here because you are here"

I replied,  "can you hear the whispers"

and he replied
" I hear the whispers of  a heart"

summer leaves a trail of days gone past
but, I see new visions awakening
a red tailed hawk circles above

I asked " What do you see in your
orbs of light"

and he replied
"I see a time of change, are you the bird or the tree

I asked " can I be both the bird and the tree"

and he replied
"would you be the roots or the leaves of the tree"

and I replied " without roots there would be no tree"

and he replied
"would you be the water or sunlight"

and I replied "both are needed for growth"

and he replied
 "what type of tree would you be"

and I softly cried " a weeping willow"

and he replied
 "why the willow"

and I replied "deep within the heart of the willow
 a harp plays a magical song"

and he replied 
"then let her sound resonate in the world"

Posted for dVerse - writing dialogue poetry hosted by Victoria
Author's note: This is a fragment from a dream - wip I guess
pic -Wikimedia commons