Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Night Fairy

Night Fairy by Richardo Alves

whispering sweet dreams 
on violet wings of night
magic frees my heart


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Author's note: This is a collaboration with
my friend Richardo Alves. He was kind
enough to send me this photo allowing
my thoughts to take flight.

I hope you will take a moment
to visit his site. Ricardo always a pleasure to
collaborate with you. Thank you!



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wind verses Sun

The Wind and Sun - Fable

A traveler walking steady his path in life
from afar powerful wind and sun observed
weathered cloak protecting him from strife
facing  numerous trials he never swerved

Mighty wind blows, cold brushes raw skin
shaking off chills, pulling his cloak tighter
facing forceful element, determined  to win
thinking of her, harsh journey a bit lighter

Behind dark clouds,  sun peeks it's head
light warms soft flesh, loosening her cloak
sleeping under a tree, tulips bloom soft bed
thoughts of him, in gentle silence she woke

Eyes wide open, his silhouette comes in view
baring his soul slowly removing worn cloak
two reaching higher dreams vast sky of blue
freeing wild spirits, breaking yellow yoke
which  is a greater force the sun or the wind?

Writing Fables at dVerse..Bjorn is hosting
based on the fable "The Wind and the Sun"
moral: Kindness effects more than severity
I put my own spin on the fable..

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Apartment To Let

Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien

Empty apartment filled with ghosts
she moved out in dark silence of night
he lived one flat up in an old brick stone
told her love was like riding a shiny  bike
once you have learned you'll never forget
in her loneliness she climbed iron stairs
by the window he smiled with delight
captivated he taught her all he knew
perfecting pedal strokes, building cadence
she longed to ride on streets of dreams
until, one warm day outside  her window
she saw him riding a bicycle built for two
smokey eyes she fled down the fire escape
she moved out in dark silence of night
knowing love was like riding a shiny bike
once you have  learned you'll never forget

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dreams like Pennies in a Jar

Under moonlit sky we go for a drive
radio playing, sitting side by side
shimmering stars, a few clouds in the night
weatherman said it would rain but,  he lied
love I give to you free, keep your wage
dreams like pennies in a jar I have saved
woven memories, stitched by hand I made
remove your mask, I long to see your face
lovingly we embrace, our wounds we nurse
healing, within our spiritual church
finding sweet bliss, to deny  would be worse
forgiveness,  deposits in our soul's purse

sighing, lightening life's load from our back
true love tattooed, we will remember that

posted for dVerse Bout Rim├ęs  creating a poem with these end words:  drive, side, night, lied, wage, saved, made, face, nurse, church, worse, purse, back, that..