Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dryad Evicted, Homeless

Dryad by Todd Lockwood

Willow loves nature her home in the trees
planting her roots deep into the earth
waltzing to the hum of the bumble bees
songs heard in a breeze, a dryad at birth

mystical protector light in vibrant hues
swaying in rhythm to the rivers beat
on her limbs in ink forever tattooed
he comes to write verses at her feet

here in this spot the two become one
spirits soaring,  a dragon's  mighty tale
composing  great fantasies  in the sun
until the day she opened her email

developers had bought all the land
her lovely green home would be cut down
willow cried for days, she could barely stand
they wanted to expand growing  a bigger town

Willow packed her things, where would she go
traveling  homeless,  he whispered her name
a new place to be, her wings began to glow
for you my lovely dryad, I've come to claim

together  they found a new forest of dreams
where tree nymphs don't have to sign a lease
dancing  gleefully under blue moonbeams
in a 100 acre wood they finally find peace

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breaking Through the Portal

we are infinite /Brooke Shaden


We are infinite beings
   you and I are unique
     entering the portal
       vast universe awaits

We are infinite beings
    dreamers of dreams
      releasing our energy
        into the stratosphere

We are infinite beings
   synchronicity flows
     soaring the heavens
        twinkling bright stars

We are infinite beings
    reflecting dark & light
      spiritual awakening
        secret revelations

We are infinite beings
    in the journey of life
       seeking truth & love
         fulfilling our destiny

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Monday, September 22, 2014

and Then the Rain Came

stormy clouds, then the rain came
on paper boats dreams floated away
messages from the heart  to claim
stormy clouds, then the rain came
flash of light, whispering your name
lost searching for hope in a new day
stormy clouds, then the rain came
on paper boats dreams floated away

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dreaming in an Autumn Scented Afternoon


On a riverbank  she stood many moons ago
firelight danced between towering pines
she heard his soft velvet voice whispering
a language that only she could understand

beyond  a sea of clouds, new horizon awaits
his dark hair glistens in sunbursts of orange
her body becomes flushed with thoughts..
floating weightlessly, poems from her heart

dreaming in an autumn scented afternoon
ripples of water flowing over mossy rocks
red maple leaves carrying secret messages
in a gentle breeze, she feels his warm touch

inhaling and exhaling breathing deep
desire filling her lungs..lost in the moment

branches sway, twigs crack a lush forest bed
curtains of summer close,  fall quietly arrives
distant drums vibrate chanting a warrior's song
two wild spirits dance to the rhythmic beat

red tail hawk glides across pearly blue skies
new harvest ripe filling their endless hunger
hot sparks ignite within smoldering  eyes
following trails of their wandering souls

memories of the journey overwhelming
quivering she embraces a world unknown
streams of their lives merging into one
a river of currents they willingly ride

sharing their innermost thoughts
no words are necessary to understand

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Polka Dotted Whale of a Tale


In a  blue  sea I met a  spotted  cat
on  the  back  of a polka dotted whale
one  giant  fish  he  could  make  you  go  splat
the two of them had  some amazing tales

so , I asked the two how do you  make  dreams
a splish and a  splash and a dash of  that 
dish wishy wish under purple moonbeams
seek the starfish , wearing a magic  hat 

here I met a  striped turtle named Myrtle
she would  carry  my dreams into  the sea
seahorses jumped  over  coral hurdles
smiling moon aglow dancing over trees 

musical waves  softly lull  me to sleep 
realm of  possibilities dreams run  deep

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