Thursday, September 18, 2014

Polka Dotted Whale of a Tale

In a  blue  sea I met a  spotted  cat
on  the  back  of a polka dotted whale
one  giant  fish  he  could  make  you  go  splat
the two of them had  some amazing tales

so , I asked the two how do you  make  dreams
a splish and a  splash and a dash of  that 
dish wishy wish under purple moonbeams
seek the starfish , wearing a magic  hat 

here I met a  striped turtle named Myrtle
she would  carry  my dreams into  the sea
seahorses jumped  over  coral hurdles
smiling moon aglow dancing over trees 

musical waves  softly lull  me to sleep 
realm of  possibilities dreams run  deep

posted for dVerse 


  1. ha - i want a magic hat... cool on the turtles and seahorses... i like the playful atmosphere

  2. It feels like a nursery rhyme. Nice.

  3. That's quite a soothing, gentle lullaby of a poem - a nice change of pace from the other nonsense verses I've been reading today.

  4. So very nicely done Trudessa. Enjoyed your take.

  5. So sweet a sonnet.. exactly like a dream.. I love spotted whales.. (reminds me of that first part of Fantasia II...)

  6. haha that would make a fun book. Spotted Cat and polka dotted whale hit the dream trail.

  7. Very playful sonnet. Good descriptions!

  8. Myrtle the Turtle certainly does get around! Your poem is delightful--a happy sonnet.

  9. So enjoyable to read! Love all the imagery and your closing lines are beautiful.

  10. It's very creative! Funny characters :) cool form!

  11. You've obviously had fun writing this ... and I had great fun reading it ... smiles. Thanks for joining in.

  12. Very nice imagery, characters and compositions - Trudessa, thoroughly enjoyed your poem.