Saturday, August 31, 2013


Pot Pourri by Herbert James Draper

between love and madness lies obsession
making love with our words, satin sheets
haunting scent lingers with each syllable
rolling from your lips, irresistible appeal
lost in its content..becoming confused
heady  aroma  sweet perfume
alluring fragrance creeps  into my skin
seduction oh what a tantalizing sin
caught in your madness..haha
I laugh
  I cry
   I sigh
I fall into the arms of dark obsession

slogans for dVerse  hosted by Brian

Calvin Klein's Obsession for  Women & Dark Obsession for men
"between love and madness lies obsession"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Passing Place

one lane , bittersweet  passing place
pulling over,  shoulder of life
stargazing in a world of space
one lane, bittersweet passing place
changing lanes two lovers embrace
wandering souls float free from strife
one lane, bittersweet passing place
pulling over, shoulder of life

written for the Mag 183

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rising Tide

my own pic

Our love floats in the blue mist
nightingale sings his poetic songs
rolling waves,  surges of emotion
pounding rhythm, no escaping

Can't  get enough, can't get enough
your love is makin' me crazy
wanna make love in the moonlight

Silhouettes dancing cheek to cheek
sliding to the melody of the sea
embracing our vulnerability
collapsing into the shoreline

Boldly expressive, wandering hands
leaving lasting imprints lovingly
moist bodies molding in the sand
whooshing surf, taste of salted air

I'm so stuck, stuck, on you babe
sinking into the depth of  your eyes
kisses linger on warm wet  lips
sweeping me away, rising tide

Under the stars seeking heaven
can't break free from your love
wanna feel your body next to me
wanna feel you deep inside of me

Moon rising in a velvet sky
thunderous our souls merge
crashing waves ecstasy, gentle cry
trembling, surrendering our hearts

Can't get enough, can't get enough
your love is makin' me crazy
wanna make love in the sunlight

posted for dVerse