Monday, April 26, 2021

Merlin - The Magician of Time


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Time is now, for enjoying the simple wonders of life.  Today, I woke up not feeling well.  I'm not sure if it's something I ate, yesterday, causing me havoc.  Sleeping on the couch, I drift into another realm of now.  I find myself in a green meadow bursting with wildflowers. A shaman comes out to greet me.  He says not a word but, hands me a pouch of special herbs. I hear the sound of a babbling brook and travel by foot down a winding path. Beyond towering trees the sun dances upon the singing waters. 

I behold a Merlin perched on a high tree limb.  Have I wandered into an  enchanted forest? Weary, I sit on the foundation of an ancient pine, resting my head against the trunk.  I close my eyes.  The sun now slipping away and the moon rising. I hear a distance voice and open my eyes. I am back on my couch and the weatherman is talking about the super "pink" moon.  Mentally, I take note, to be sure to view it before I go to bed tonight.

April’s pink super moon
Merlin the dream magician
enchanted spring sky


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Our task:

Let us now bear witness to the present moment! However you experience it, write a haibun that expresses the present moment.  

 Author's note:  Today, I wasn't feeling well and in the moment drifted into a dream.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Don't Step On The Cracks











There are cracks in the road          

 that sometimes cause us strife

stress can be a heavy load

realms of darkness and light


There are cracks in the heart

that sometimes need time to heal

how to mend what was torn apart

gaps of pain sometimes surreal


There are cracks in the poetry

that sometimes have too much space

fill the emptiness with vivid  imagery

as this world can be a bitter place


There are cracks in the road

that sometimes offers growth

from a seed, a flower to behold

a new beginning, signs of hope


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always find hope in unexpected

places and spaces in your life


Thursday, April 22, 2021

I Walked the Path of Gratitude

Earth, Hour, Clock, Time, Hands, Hold


I walked the path of gratitude today

thanking the trees for purifying the air

and giving creatures a place to dwell

a cardinal sang from a high limb, as the

robins searched for worms to eat


I walked the path of gratitude today

thankful for the gift of precious water

for water is life, food and home to

creatures that call streams, lakes,

rivers and oceans their home


I walked the path of gratitude today

thankful for the flowers that are now

blooming, they bring vivid color into

our lives and give us a sense of calmness


I walked the path of gratitude today

thankful, for this big beautiful planet

and all its splendor and natural wonders

open your eyes and feast on her beauty


I walked the path of gratitude today

on a cold April day with the wind against

my back pushing me forward as hail

suddenly fell from the sky, I let out

a sigh, "climate change" 

how do we reset the planet?


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author's note:  I went for a walk today
and it started out sunny but, the wind
shifted and clouds rolled in.  I found myself
with the wind pushing me forward in a sudden
hail storm.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Winding River

Heron, Bird, Wild, Nature, Life, Forest
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soft petals ushering in a new season                
I wonder how long until they fall
my heart beats to a new rhythm
thirsty for a kiss from flowing waters
blue herons cradle in the tall pines
dragons guard the portal to the stars
life is a journey to find understanding
balance is the key to true happiness

Winding River - Du Fu

 Each piece of flying blossom leaves spring the less,
I grieve as myriad points float in the wind.
I watch the last ones move before my eyes,
And cannot have enough wine pass my lips.
Kingfishers nest by the little hall on the river,
Unicorns lie at the high tomb’s enclosure.
Having studied the world, one must seek joy,
For what use is the trap of passing honour?

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I didn't use the full form but, I did go 8 lines
with 7 words.  Sometimes, I break the rules.

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