Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hope In a New World

courtesy of Pixabay

  Hope wobbles like the moon
rising and falling//earth tunes

 Hope is the gift of sun or rain
depending on your local terrain

Hope is a young bird learning to fly
spreading it's wings in a windless sky

Hope is a fawn taking its first step
shaky, while humans slept

Hope is finding common ground
sharing berries when few are found

  Hope is wild animals roaming free
chimpanzees dreaming in forest trees

 Hope is humans navigating love
with guidance from the heavens above


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writing about Hope


Monday, July 12, 2021

Heart Shaped - Juke Box

Courtesy of Pixabay

My heart a juke box filled

with memorable songs

from romantic ballads,

rhythm &  blues to classic

rock n roll to get me in

that good time mood

selections change with

the coin of the day

some days, I sing

"Dream On"

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writing a quadrille of 44 words

incorporating the word juke

Thank you for reading

peace, music and dreams



Friday, July 2, 2021

I Am A Boken Prayer

Pine, Forest, Pad, Glade, Misty, Mystic, Pine Wood
courtesy of Pixabay

 My heart is heavy this week

contemplating all the chaos

my limbs are tired and weak

hot summer days carry on


sheltering in the cathedral of pines

I am a prayer waiting to be heard

seeking nature's sacred signs

how do I find cohesive words


I walk a narrow unmarked trail

communing with nature's wine

today, sunlight seems rather frail

why is love so difficult to define


eyes follow me hiding in the trees

I am a hymn waiting to be sung

cupped hands I fall to my knees

words begin to touch my tongue


letting out a cry the tears fall

a cooling rain, drifting clouds

beside the evergreen, so small

the sparrow songs grow loud


peace in the cathedral of pines

I am a prayer waiting to be heard

scratching down these humbling lines

a poetic verse for the chorus of birds


I am a human unstrung, a hymn unsung

an invocation, a heartfelt invitation

clinging to hope, all cannot be sunk

standing on the path of contemplation

linking with earthweal

writing a prayer for hard times


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