Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hope In a New World

courtesy of Pixabay

  Hope wobbles like the moon
rising and falling//earth tunes

 Hope is the gift of sun or rain
depending on your local terrain

Hope is a young bird learning to fly
spreading it's wings in a windless sky

Hope is a fawn taking its first step
shaky, while humans slept

Hope is finding common ground
sharing berries when few are found

  Hope is wild animals roaming free
chimpanzees dreaming in forest trees

 Hope is humans navigating love
with guidance from the heavens above


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  1. That one is really good! Such a fine definition of hope.

  2. How lovely to read this this morning, True. Such lovely images to dream about. The wobbling moon is a bit concerning. I have read a bit about it. I love your closing thoughts - animals roaming free, and humans living with love. Somehow, we do stay loving, despite everything - because the world has never needed it more. So glad to read your poem today.

  3. Finding common ground...that's what we need.

  4. This is lovely: hope is indeed all of these things. We must learn from nature instead of trying to obliterate it!