Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rings of Time

courtesy of Pixabay

 Life started as a seed 
 hoping that you would take root
 & grow into a magnificent tree

In your early years growing
rapidly with the help of
spring and summer rains
and the warmth of the sun

One day there was a storm
lightning cracked , thunder roared
and a heavy tree fell
it's weight against your trunk
you had to fight hard to
build up your weaken side

In time you grew tall and straight
but, the neighborhood became
crowded and there was little
water and sunshine for
all to thrive...

Suddenly, one day a stranger
wandered in the woods with
his axe he trimmed down the
neighboring woodlands.  The
tree became sad and watched
the neighborhood decline

But, once again the tree
was  able to obtain ample
nourishment and sunlight
and the tree grew to new
heights for many years

Then, a terrible day came
the sky became smoky grey
fire breathed through the

The tree trembled in fear
and prayed to the heavens
for rain...

" save me", the tree cried

and so it was, the tree was spared
 still carrying the scars under
newly formed wood.

The tree survived many dry
spells and harsh winters
made her fragile limbs break

Today, the tree towers
the forest and her crown
seems to touch the sky

The tree's age is a secret
hidden underneath thick bark
rings of life,  tell an amazing

May the tree live for many
generations to come gifting
the world with clean air,
a home for nature's animals
and harmony for it's people

author's note:  I missed Poets United
Midweek Motif - Ode to Age
This story of a tree kept
whispering in my ear
So many trees have
been lost by the recent

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Have a wonderful day!
This is a rough draft
but, I think it has

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Musician's Touch

He  strokes her long, slender,
smooth neck, sliding up and down
in a rhythmic motion

gently  plucks her fragile strings
with razor sharp precision
she yields to his callused fingers

her curvaceous glossy
body warms against his skin
creating a soft melody of
insatiable desire, melting
into a rhapsody

coarse, hot and jagged notes
amplify their song  in a star-studded

he knows how to rock her world
playing a lover's song

written for dVerse
Tuesday Poetics - Touch me
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jousting Between Truth and Fiction

Truedessa's Collection

 I  joust  between the pages
of truth and fiction

I sing between the verses
of a troubadour's song

I write between the covers
of fantasy and desire

I dally between the chapters
of knights and dragons

I read between the lines
of mystical adventures

I dream between the settings
of imaginary places

I see between the eyes of
wisdom of sages & fools

I dance between the emotions
of love and heartbreak

I love between the poetry
of life's greatest stories

author's note:  written
I missed the midweek motif
Reading Fiction

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Heart of Moss - The Art of Seeing

Truedessa's Collection

Seeking the path of light
soft moccasins against my sole
skin to skin we are human
and animal kin...

guide me,  oh deer spirit
through the forest of
deeper perception

awakening to life through
a lyrical parallel world
hearing the ancient songs
calling me beyond the
limits of consciousness

entering the enchanting
elegance of the dreamscape

noticing nuances of change
splendor in an autumn day

each step ushers in a breath
of life, red tailed hawk
circles overhead, come
closer my beloved friend

crunching of leaves and broken
limbs, songs of the trees beneath
my feet...

in the distance the water drum
poetic fluid, thirsty for a drink
of reflection I sprint onward
on hooves of  intuition

nestled in a quiet place on
the path of enlightenment
outside the realm of ordinary
perception...a vision

mossy heart radiates from
 earth... locus of the
spiritual being lies in the
fragments of our lives...
and the depths of our dreams

magic is in the art of seeing

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authors note:
Let's call this one
a work in progress
as I am still finding
my way in the journey