Thursday, August 29, 2019

Reaching for a Star

courtesy of Pixabay

She once reached for a shimmering star
stretching her heartstrings from afar
traveling the sky-way from here to there
inhaling the promises of the night air

celestial navigator transcending time
penning coordinates in lyrical rhyme
searching for a pilot on silver wings
out in the heavens a songbird sings

on dragon breath adventures flew
seeking paradise somewhere new
holding on to treasured dreams
would dawn bring sunlight's gleam

slumbering under a sturgeon moon
time drifts away in coastal sand dunes
desires of the heart awaken at night
kissing the last remnants of daylight

across the heavens a shooting flame
passion soars, love remains untamed
riding the crest of breaking waves
weary souls rest, tired and brave...

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Voice of My Soul

pixabay - photo

Under a starry sky, I dream
following  the voice of my soul
awakening to the mysteries
of night...

I become an archeologist
using a chisel,  breaking
barriers that hold my
tongue captive

I am  a time traveler
whispering in your
ear my hearts desires

written for dVerse
Quadrille 85 - raising our poetic voices
44 words incorporating the word "voice"

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Of Truth and Fiction

I dance between the pages
of truth and fiction

I sing between the verses
of lyrical poetry

I write between the covers
of fantasy and desire

I dally between the chapters
of knights and dragons

I read between the lines
of mystical adventures

I dream between the settings
of imaginary and real places

I love between fantasy and reality
engaging with amazing characters

I find myself between truth and fiction
giving you silken words from my heart