Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hippocamp - Mythical Beast

On a ship of  heavenly dreams
two light hearted fools set sail
new horizons, colorful schemes
in stillness watching blue whales

Truedessa penning sultry poetry
Captain humming a sailor's tune
together creating pure symmetry
dreaming of a turquoise lagoon

weary cat strutting around deck
drifting downward, red  balloon
captain cursing "what the heck"
popping it with a sharp harpoon

in Truedessa's hands a message
corked bottle note tucked inside
sail east guarded secret passage
treasures sought, swift rolling tide

shifting winds, adventures await
Truedessa restless dances with glee
portals  to explore , opening gates
sudden darkness, grey rugged sea

heaving waters, thunderous hooves
hearts pounding, giant wave crashes
circling swaying ship, something moves
emerging giant black seahorse, thrashes

mythical beast, part horse/part fish
Captain Pat & his cat this is not good
spellbound, Truedessa  makes a wish
captain anchors, for he knew she would

jumping overboard mounting scaly horse
Truedessa urging lets ride wild & free
Captain Pat & skeptical cat follow of course
galloping hippocamp, echoes in the sea

rocky coastline hidden pirate's ship
captain furrows his brow, trouble afloat
into blue/green water they quietly dip
crew hauling something to their boat

Truedessa cries, enchanted white seahorse
struggling for freedom, entangled in a net
sparkling emerald eyes, untamed force
Captain Pat "we'll set her free do not fret"

diving underwater clutching dark steed
we need to cut the ropes, sword in his hand
these pirates are full of money hungry greed
delving deeper , executing new action plan

gloomy sky, storm brewing overhead
pirates shouting "who goes out there"
swiftly slashing through worn threads
guns fire, thick smoke filling night air

scoundrel grabs Truedessa , captain curses
"you sir are a dead man", angry cat hissing
Truedessa seeking powers chanting verses
Zeus firing lightning bolts, never missing

wooden ship a blaze scared they surrender
Captain Pat rounds them up using their net
Zeus "what should I do with these offenders
Hades, fiery underworld you go to pay your debt"

Captain & cat proudly mounting black seahorse
under starlight returning to their sturdy vessel
Truedessa astride pearly white steed,mystic force
velvet black sky, yellow moonlight hearts nestle

back on deck cat & two light hearted fools
friendly hippocamps nod their appreciation
Zeus,  "for your help a heaven of jewels"
diamonds to guide you to your destination

Once again sailing under a planetary sky
echoes whisper from below heavenly sighs

Author's note: Another light hearted fool
adventure. Thanks for reading..

posted for dVerse...hope you enjoyed the journey
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Sides


Your call heads or tails
flipping a coin where will it land
will the outcome balance the scales
fate awaits at the toss of a hand

Smiling you call heads
sure that life will go your way
coasting downhill,  shiny red sled
cutting through strife, another day

I stand there tails on my side
majestic bird waiting for flight
where it  lands, wind it's guide
touched my sympathy of his plight

Your call heads or tails
could life be a game of chance
flipping a coin how far will it sail
are you willing to learn it's dance

Together different sides of a coin
but, there is hope when two join

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lover's Moon

pic taken by me

nestled in nakedness effulgent moon
two ardent  lovers sing romantic songs
melodic lyrics heavenly hearts swoon
shimmering brightly beyond human throngs

lie with me under coverings of night
embracing warm moments,  igniting flesh
play me a song as my spirit takes flight
stroke of midnight soft notes as one we mesh

bodies sway, natural rhythm mating souls
rising passion luminous moonlit sky
pieces of my heart you quietly stole
surrendering in your arms, gentle sigh

somewhere in the heavens a shooting star
crystal rain showers tumble from afar

posted for dVerse..

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hidden Wisdom

tracking tones flowing sweet
rich & deep, wooden flute plays
music floating grey mystic air

vast field hard crunching snow
each step crisp crackles leading
me forward, journey boundless

hidden face, wise gatekeeper
"what is it you are seeking"
I reply " gateway to understanding"

my moccasins are worn & weary
his reply "over the mountain is
a field of daisies & juniper trees"

take me to the place of whispering
waters, I heard it has a message
of hope/ peace that I must hear

"Your message is blowing in seeds
of a dream..from a sapling will grow
a mighty tree, with strong roots"

" a lush green crown will offer you
rest but, first walk across hot embers
it will strengthen your heart & soul"

my soles will burn from carrying a
heavy heart in this journey of life
I need to lighten my knapsack

"your heart is heavy as you love
deep like the roots under my feet
scars embedded in your rich bark"

"carved within your trunk names
of those who came and went
as you wept in winter's silence"

"the world is full of those with
weak roots and hollow trunks
they will die of their own decay"

"their dreams will vanish in mist
but, those of true dreamers will live
on, for they thirst for the quest"

opening my eyes a clear vision
a land filled with rich opportunity
under winter's snowy landscape

Spring will arise with new life...

posting for dVerse writing tree poems
sharing with Poets United.

Author's note: This was inspired by
a dream I had last night..I've been
sick for a few days and in my fever
had a vision I am honoring it with
this poem.

Peace and light...