Sunday, October 31, 2021

Today, I Heard

The Sunday Muse











Today, I heard the whispers of creator
wandering the slope of the Holy Hill
seeking warmth from the autumn chill

Mindfully, walking consecrated ground
scattering hallowed seeds, wind blows
through the soil of intentions, what grows
carrying a packet of uprooted dreams

Seeking redemption from fall's darkness
bones and ash, skeletons of yesterday
the ferryman feasts on birds of prey

Drinking from the fountain of elements 
swaying to the hymn of the willow tree
In the shadow land spirits cry to be free
bowing and bending with the willow bough

I saw lanterns of  light on the Holy Hill
filtering through the black walnut grove
through the four gates, a spiritual trove
Today, I heard the whispers of creator
wandering the slope of the Holy Hill
seeking warmth from the autumn chill

reign down, rain down, in quarter notes
put a pearl in your pocket of hope....
author's note:  I am honoring a quest
and the holder of the master key
Sorry, Dear Friends  I haven't been 
around much, I am trying to heal... 
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Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Piece of Me Died Today

 Piano, Rose, Red, Flower, Love, Romance

You're the only man that

touched that deep well inside

of me...


You're the only man that

touched my soul....


never flesh to flesh

but, heart to heart


you've got me singing the raspy

ragged, jagged blues.....


Tell me how can I ever

love again...


When all I've dreamt

of... is gone .....gone

I’m feeling the thorns

I’m feeling the thorns

This is my story, my song

my man is gone gone gone

you've got me singing the raspy

ragged, jagged blues.....


You're movin' on and I'm left behind

this lady is feeling blue...lost without you


maybe, someday you'll think of me and smile

I guess all dreams come to an end

...and some only last for a while…..



this lady doesn't believe in dreams anymore

No, no, no ….dreams are for fools…

it's just some sort of suspended reality 

you wake up realizing nothing was real...

I’m feeling the thorns

I’m feeling the thorns

This is my story, my song

My man is gone gone gone


You've got me singing the raspy

ragged, jagged blues

a piece of me died today.... 

a piece of me died today

died, died, died…today

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Parlor Games

The Sunday Muse


I dreamt of knights in shining armor
guarding a castle  across the harbor
there was a king in search of a queen
in a place that he had never seen

I dreamt of pawns caught in a game
moving cautiously, in a land untamed
 battle of wits, but who would win
in the corner, the jester widely grins

I dreamt of a queen in search of a king
in the courtyard below, a troubadour sings
enchantment softly whispers in her ears
drifting in a sea of slumberous tears

I dreamt of a castle somewhere in time
where there is poetic verse and rhyme
 parlor games, wizardry unseen
maneuvering distances in between

I dreamt of a kingdom where light reigns
 heart of a dragon, magic always remains
together in this land, they wear no crowns
proclaiming peace in audible verbs and nouns
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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Finding Beauty

Today, I wonder, where is beauty

my heart heavy as the autumn rain

wet maple leaves clinging to my feet


watching wild geese in formation

pondering their final destination

they care not about the gray skies

Today, I wonder where is beauty

my soul releases a  mournful sigh

creator won't you send me a sign


watching the clouds shape shifting

noticing the phoenix's fiery struggle

breaking through the day's darkness


Today, I wonder where is beauty

my eyes hoping to catch a glimpse

of the peaceful blue heron in flight


In silence,  waiting, waiting

waiting, for a sign from the heavens

standing soaking wet

a baptism of rain



Today, I wonder where is beauty

finding it, unspoiled  on

white flapping wings,  descending from the sky

as the sun began to shine

collateral beauty

written for earthweal

hosted by Sherry

writing about Collateral Beauty

the moment when you realize

all is connected


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may you find beauty in your life

Monday, October 4, 2021

Two Little Stones and the Bell Tower

Columcille Megalith park


Dancing with a dream

amidst giant megaliths

two little spirited stones sing

take us to the bell tower,

listening to the hymn of the land

an offering of gratitude

"The way you think it is, may not

be the way it is at all"


linking with dVerse
writing a quadrille of 44 words
incorporating the word "stone"
hosted by De


Author's note:  Over the summer, I spent an amazing day at Columcille Megalith Park located in the Appalachian Mountains. It was an honor for me to dance upon the land of a dreamer. At the end of the day,  there were two small stones that caught my eye. I wanted to take them home with me but, I heard a whisper,  a song, take us to the Bell Tower and that is what I did.  To read more about the Bell Tower and the quoted line in the poem please visit here.

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Thank you Brendan for sharing your poetry and the land.  

Sunday, October 3, 2021


The Sunday Muse


 You found my eyes alluring

my glossy lips tantalizing

you thought I'd fit perfectly

into your packed life


A small city suited you best

driving the newest compact car

conjuring big plans but, your

vision was limited, perhaps

the neon lights were blinding


I, on the other hand,  needed

room to grow,  space to wander

riding a mustang bareback

wild and free

my hair blowing in the breeze


A small house with a vast view

 trees as tall as the city skyline

 the only gleam at night

would be twinkling starlight


You never saw past the mirror

image,  did you ever take the

time to  look into my eyes


Wiping the heavy mascara

that obstructed my view

leaving a smeared lip kiss

on  my compact , tossing

it on the bed....


A compressed goodbye, you'll find

me living a full life with plenty

of room to roam...out on the

prairie or in the woodlands

spiritually growing the

heartland inside


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author's note:  I felt she had a bigger story
so, here she is  at the crosswalk