Sunday, May 30, 2021

Once in a Blue Moon


Oh, foolish one

your head in the clouds

don’t go fallin’ in love with a star 

no matter how bright

it will always be too far

but, in a reflective moment

drink from the well of dreams

magic happens once in a blue moon

spread your wings and dare to take flight

soar the heavens and kiss that shiny star

with all your might, a sweet good-night

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Ancient Watchers - A Song of Loss

Fairy Creek Headwaters - Ancient Forest Alliance


Tension rising in the battle for survival

giant primeval trees the bones of old growth

rooted deep throughout the rings of time

the full moon, illuminating the forest below

in a dream, a mystic fog drifted into the night

standing before the ancient watchers in silence

one can hear the whispers of the standing trees

their heartbeat drums, a song of grave urgency

a shaman of great insight,  suddenly appears

long dark flowing hair, embedded streaks of gray

holding a  walking stick, a marker of his journey

we meet in another realm of time and space

speaking in his native tongue of which needed

no translation, words flowing, a river of knowledge

in the distance a wolf howls, under the flower moon

creatures of the night hover near,  orbs of light

between the thick limbs and covering of leaves

from the ancient watchers he offers  precious seeds


"plant these in a place of honor"


pointing his walking stick at the moon, he spoke in



"There are nights when the soul howls for light and there

are days when the soul howls for a dream"

What does the night offer you?  Are you part of the tree

or part of the moon?


Take these seeds, let new life grow to replenish what has

been taken....howl with your voice at the injustice of our



cut no more of the ancient growth as they are a

refuge for all creatures of the forest

Our heartbeat is a signal of life....

the song of the ancient watchers the connectors of earth

and heaven....keepers of wisdom, balance and spirituality


author's note:  This was derived from a dream.  I tried to
keep it in it's rawest form - true to it's message.

My Friend, we are keepers of the sacred seeds


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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Waltz Me A Flower Moon

Beautiful pink flower blossom in night skies with full moon Romantic night scene - Beautiful pink flower blossom in night skies with full moon. - Retro style artwork with vintage color tone. flower moon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
courtesy of Pixabay








Waltz me where dreams are bold
waltz me where stars are gold
waltz me where love unfolds

waltz me a flower moon
waltz me a joyful tune
waltz me a lover swoon

waltz me to morning dew
waltz me to roads to you
waltz me to sky of blue 


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hosted by Bjorn

Author's Note:

I took creative liberty and made
each line 6 syllables with 3 verses
each with 3 lines. 

My wandering mind waltzed in circles...

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Sunday, May 16, 2021


Tree, Sunset, Clouds, Sky, Silhouette, Hill, Sea, Ocean
courtesy of Pixabay


Fierce love in a spring sunset

shifting swiftly  from day to night

love is a song one never forgets


a crimson heart blazing in the sky

birds flutter to their nesting sites

  poets let out a collective sigh


owls awaken to nocturnal life

dreamers unfurling wings

searching heaven for paradise


somewhere,  a shaman softly drums

eternal phoenix shines yellow gold

inspiring visions that will soon come


fierce love in a spring sunset

majestic beauty, wild and untamed

love is a song one never forgets


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Sherry's weekly challenge

Fierce Love


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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

True Blue Blues

Heart, Blue, Emotions, Music, Valentine
courtesy of pixabay







I sing the blues

I sing the blues

I sing the heartache blues


life it can be hard

changing every day

this heart I have to guard

and this rain just won't go away


I sing the true blue blues

I sing the true blue blues


I spent all these nights dreamin' of you

it's been so long, since I've seen the sun

the places we'd go, the things we'd do

cryin' in the night, love you can't outrun


I sing the blues

I sing the blues

I sing the heartache blues


Life it can be hard

tell me what can I say

love is something I can't discard

sometimes there's a price to pay


I sing the true blue blues

I sing the true blue blues


were these dreams, those of a fool

wishin' for more than we could give

even the sweetest dream can be cruel

in my heart, the beat of love still lives


I sing the blues

I sing the blues

I sing the blues

I sing the heartache blues

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Forest Traffic - on the Street of Dreams

"Forest Traffic!" Digital Art by Pulkit Kudiwal


High on a limb the white owl watches
the forest signals of impending change
cautiously, crossing lines of time

who can stop the oncoming traffic
mama taught me to look both ways
even when traversing a mystical path

courageous lion and mongoose stand guard
who will walk the the street of dreams
once four Beatles crossed Abbey Lane

sometimes, you have to let it be
in quiet darkness, I think of you
blue world, spins counter clockwise

I hear the songs of nature's creatures
in a forest bed, drifting into a slumber
under a thousand stars, a willow weeps

 will we ever find our way
I will be waiting for that day

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"Golden Slumbers" - The Beatles

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Songs of Shamans

 Shaman, Ritual, Drum, Symbol, Music

What then are the songs of the earth shamans

the womb of the earth beats with internal life

darkness flutters on the wings of the ravens

journey to the core, wild dreams take flight


how do we heal what has been wounded

suffering the pains of our own infliction

heaven cries , when dreams are uprooted

ancestors warned of possible extinction


what then are the songs of the earth shamans

mending ways to restoration and wholeness

messages on the caverns of interpretations

can emptiness lead us to the path of fullness


how do we heal what has been wounded

perhaps, scars are a reminder of initiation

walking mossy  trails, our eyes less clouded

broken hearts, raw poetry in transformation


what then are the songs of the earth shamans

does the drum draw you inward on a journey

releasing intentions and personal expectations

follow the beat , your inner dreams are worthy


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Wounded Healer:Songs of the Earth Shaman

Brendan -  I hope you don't mind but, I used 

your question as the foundation of my poetry.  

"What then are the songs of the earth shamans"