Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fire and Smoke

unknown source


and the clouds burst forth
with fire and smoke
the dragon soared
through silent stars
she woke to the rush
of thunder

in an hour of darkness
it was he alone who
would calm her
heavy heart

he woke at 3:00 am
to her soft cries
feeling her deep within
his soul she, the
navigator of the stars

their world was full
of magical  knights
through the mist
she blew him a kiss

for him she would
give her very heart
connected through
a mystical realm
bonded by love

author's note: wip - fragments from something I am writing
as the muse seems to re-arrange the story..

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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Truedessa's Collection

Build me a sanctuary with no walls
communing under a canopy of trees
harmony found where nature calls

here the mystic water rises and falls
ancient prophets whisper in a breeze
build me a sanctuary with no walls

open space no dark corridors or halls
river of life flowing towards the sea
harmony found where nature calls

between blades of grass time crawls
opening doorways with a master key
build be a sanctuary with no walls

blue skies calming inner squalls
healing wounds that haunt thee
harmony found where nature calls

precious memories, the heart recalls
amidst tall white birch, feeling free
build me a sanctuary with no walls
harmony found where nature calls

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Enchanted Dreams

unknown source

Dancing with a dragon under moonlight
serenading a dreamer, song arises
awakening desire, gleaming starlight
dancing with a dragon under moonlight
soaring heavenly bodies, sleepless night
finding happiness in a distant horizon
dancing with a dragon under moonlight
serenading a dreamer, song arises

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In a Patch of Clover

wikimedia commons

when the saints go marching in
tell me who will be in that

how many will watch
from the sidelines
holding their  brightly
colored balloons

praying for ascension
into the heavenly realm
who are the sinners
and who are the
it is hard to tell

how many will be
left behind wondering
why, why, why

in the great highlands
you can hear the drone
of the bagpipes, wailing
a sorrowful song...a bit
of Celtic thunder...

a four leaf clover placed
in open hands a bit of

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writing about Saints...

and I wonder...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Restless Fits

You left, I wanted you to stay
on a tree swing sorrow sits
memories of you on auto play
our words a match of two wits
unable to sleep restless fits
laughter heals, write me a comedy
from scene to scene my mind flits
to lose one so special a tragedy
shower of tears from creator's eye
falling under a spell not very smart
in darkest hours the soul does cry
lost dreams, held in a broken heart
ghosts from yesterday loudly moan
finding strength in a crystal stone

posted for dVerse writing  Bouts-Rim├ęs
using rhyming words at the end of each line
Our challenge for today is to use the following fourteen words in the order presented: stay, sits, play, wits, fits, comedy, flits, tragedy, eye, smart, cry, heart, moan, stone

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


our notes
whispers of love
message of atonement
mercy in words of devotion
sealed memories
forgiveness in a kiss
ceaselessly beating in my heart

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Climbing New Heights

Standing solitary on a mountaintop
reality hovers in evening backdrop
dreams awaken under a starry night
giving and receiving the gift of light

footsteps, journey quest to the inner soul
secrets to life written on ancient scrolls
sacred ground pioneering new height
giving and receiving the gift of light

beneath a cloak of invisibility
expanding the mind to possibility
channeling energy and foresight
giving and receiving the gift of light
mossy trails, shaping new life
reborn in spirit leaving behind strife
true heart wondrous star burning bright
giving and receiving the gift of light

 honoring the wisdom within

author's note: this is to honor a
dream. Through self discovery
we can reach a higher level of

Thank you for visiting and
may light guide you
safely in your journey.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Flower was Offered to Me

A flower was offered to me
within soft delicate petals
all the words we shared
nurtured with abundant

A flower was offered to me
from the garden of song
harmoniously growing
heavenly scent

A flower was offered to me
melodious enchantment
tapping to the rhythm
composing notes

picture courtesy of
writing poetry using "a flower was offered to me"