Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dragon Breathes Life - Burns Strife..

in an  August  sky  the winds  shift 
revealing  your  spirit   to  me
dark  unruly  clouds  dissipate   
tears softly  fall  into  the  sea 

take  me  to   that   enchanted  land 
star  beads laced  across  the  sky 
destiny  in  the hands of  fate 
how  many  cliff  tops must we fly 

searching  deep  golden orbs of  light 
finding  comfort  within  his wings
breathless ,  wandering  poet  sighs
dragon heart  awakens  and  sings

composing  romantic  ballads
living  in  a  magical  realm 
truth  flapping in a cosmic sea
warrior spirit at the helm 
in  an  August sky the winds shift 
revealing  my spirit  to you
dark  unruly clouds  dissipate  
a dragon's tale comes into view

Author's note:  I thought I would share
a picture of my winnings. So cool to have
my autographed copy of "Dragon of the Stars"
by Alex J Cavanaugh. Many of you may know
him as he has a strong presence in the blog
sphere and hosts the Insecure Writer's Support

Any suggestions on new and interesting
music to buy?

The dragon inspired me to write this poem...
Thanks for visiting me and allowing me to share
my poem and thoughts. Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Does Solitude = Silence

Silence a sudden hush , tranquility
i  walk upon the path of solitude
longing to hear higher decibels
everything around me grows still
noise fades, so  that  I  might hear
captivated in green blades of grass
eavesdropping on mother nature

posted for Poets United
Pictures - Truedessa's Collection

author's note:  The path has a marker
that leads to Solitude represented
by this single stone. A time to be
alone with one's thoughts..

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Behold a Galactic Rose

Venus awakens goddess of  love 
her eyes behold  a crescent  moon
stargazers search the sky above 
listening for the dragon's tune 

Jupiter rises in twilight 
Mars blushes red , planets align 
two spirits  ready to take flight   
together a heavenly sign 

beyond  the cloak, silken skies
forgotten  realm, a hidden star 
golden wings, a dragon flies
touching soul to soul from afar

do you hear his joyous song

eyes of  wonder , mystical beast 
strengthening a magical bond 
drifting forward towards the east
light glistens on a crystal  pond 

skipping  stones , meteor shower 
songs of  love fill  the atmosphere 
blossoming  bud , galactic flower 
hearts soar above the stratosphere
look  into  the eyes of the dragon
he strokes the fires of your heart 
soaring  higher  than you  imagine 
musical notes, work of cosmic art....

do you hear his joyous song

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Wishing all a day filled with love 

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Beyond the Vapor

love is blind
naked & vulnerable
you think I cannot see you
but, I see beyond the vapor
filled room, your scent lingers
I feel you, even though
I cannot touch you...
swirls of smoke surround
us....taking deep breaths
our spirits become one
where there is smoke
there is a fire
 where there is an ember
there is a spark
I see it in your
together we ignite

written for Magpie Tales 282

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meet & Greet the Driftwoods

pic - Truedessa's Collection

do you want to take a road trip
under a summer sky, hearts sigh 
past the  veil we silently slip 

here a driftwood band, let it rip 
along  the river trees grow high 
do you want to take a road trip

wild guitarist is rather  hip 
flaming star in a distant sky 
past the veil we silently slip 

ancient drummer has a good grip 
fast rhythm, apparitions float by 
do you  want to take a road trip 

nectar of music we can sip
drink from the well, it's never dry
past the veil we silently slip

to the Dirftwoods, hats we do tip
holding hands, above a soft cry
do you want to take a road trip
past the the veil we silently slip

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