Sunday, December 29, 2013


Self-Portrait, Francis Bacon

Will I be remembered
through the hands of time

Will you see me as I see myself
a man captured in the torments of life

Will you say I was a prisoner of my own mind
expressing  my world as seen through dark eyes

Will you feel my anguish, reflections of twisted emotions
through the camera lens,  black and white I remain for all time

But, will I be remembered...

posted for the Mag 200 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Narrow Ledges

Narrow ledges, living on the edge
difficult distinguishing reality
in this realm they call life
high above the city lights
noise pollution, crowd pollution
hate, crime and greed
lurk on the city streets below
lost souls busy scaling city walls
need to reach a higher elevation
understanding; new revelation

Climbing, Higher
Reaching for that star above

Walking narrow ledges
no excuses, for the abuses
mild contusion & confusion
freedom from the delusions
cut the harness, inhale/exhale
gasping for air, need to breathe
come follow me, open rooftops
wipe away our fears & tears
you & I seeking universal light
on narrow ledges, making pledges

Climbing, Higher, almost there
Reaching for that star above

There’s a view I want you to see
a place where our spirits can be free
each step filled with anticipation
one step closer to salvation
intense feeling of elation
walking narrow ledges
hang on tight, guiding light
time of reflection, new direction
embracing freedom on narrow ledges

Climbing, Higher we are there
shining bright with that star above...

Author's note: 
Wishing all a very happy holiday and may light always
guide you in your journey of life..

sharing with Poets United...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pillars of Hope

Two white candles side by side
pillars of hope in days to come
soft dancing light, flames to guide
hearts beating to a distant drum

in the stillness of a winter's night
snowy blanket, covering darkness
silver canopy stars twinkling bright
master healer, filled with kindness

opening gateways, tender compassion
will you travel the road to inner peace
will you let love fill you with passion
longing for pain & suffering to cease

tis the season of faith, hope and love
seeking that bright light from above

posted for dVerse hosted by Mary
 Wishing all Peace & Light

also, sharing with Poets United..

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Northern Lights

Sun awakens from a distant slumber
magnetic  fury, eruptions of solar flares
northern hemisphere behold the wonder

charcoal canvas , black sable brushes
revealing sweeping snow white vistas
starlit night, vibrations, cold air rushes

luminous show, pulsating rhythm ignites
midnight hues, blue, green, purple & red
aurora, heavenly veils, wondrous lights

northern sky, flickers messages of hope
narrow passageway, meadow of dreams
dancing spirits, expanding mystic scope

shadowy figures, lost souls sacred ground
chanting songs, escaping endless darkness
gathering in a violet mist heaven bound

halo's thunder, giant hoops of yellow gold
dust & diamonds, white hurricane swirls
pearly lanterns,  pure beauty to behold

cold winter night what will be their plight
emerald gateway, leading warrior's home
departed souls lingering,  freedom's flight

threshold, everlasting peace, majestic sky
flashing pictures,  memories of  earthly life
departed  loved ones  gently wave good-bye

posted for dVerse ..