Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New

Sailing warm air currents, lofty  dreams
rising slowly full face, silky moon beams
under deep purple skies, streaks of gold
mysterious night, wings waiting to unfold

ocean  moans, yesterday's haunting songs
melody catches her tongue, singing along
Captain Pat's eyes aflame putting stars
to shame, quietly hums a few vibrant bars

Truedessa, restless as a  December  breeze
alluring sight to behold,  sparkling blue sea
dancing to a distant harp,  celestial heavens
ruled by Saturn,  forces in play magical seven

New Year's Eve for two light hearted fools
sailing  together more precious than jewels
crystal  glints, of what the future may hold
vision before their eyes, stories yet to be told

Their heart's beat light,  music in their souls
floating downward ancient parchment scroll
Truedessa  sighs reading  aloud,  a summons
ascending ladder to the stars,  forth coming

Captain Pat and his cat search the vast sky
Truedessa grasping a rung, climbing high
swift acrobatics, two quickly follow her trail
swinging in starlight, behind night's silken veil

Floating orb of Saturn, House of Father Time
sweet music,  planetary garden soft bells chime
luring Truedessa through swirling crystal rings
Captain Pat yielding his sword ready to swing

Another realm,  gateway to the Golden Age
Father time,  full of mysticism, old wise sage
Truedessa  offers him a poem from her heart
accompanied by a lute, beautiful work of art

Deity of time humbled, smiling, childish glee
offering his gift of wisdom, secret hidden key
Captain relaxes, slips his sword into its sheath
surrounding the trio, glittering olive wreaths

Father Time proclaims, "Tonight a celebration"
bright twinkling lights, heavenly constellations
shooting stars, flashing across black velvet sky
sparkling yellow confetti, spirits flying high

Caught in limitless space no beginning or end
two dancing fools under moonlight, hearts mend
drifting thoughts, welcoming a new dream realm
here gateways open adventures give birth & dwell

slowly awakening on their ship side by side
riding natures ebb & flow, ocean's rolling tide
entwined as one gentle arms of ticking time
passionate flowers bloom, lovely to sublime

Tomorrow new visions, full cargo of dreams
yesterday's memories, still sparkle & gleam
Truedessa along with the cat bask in sun rays
Captain Pat at the helm, steering into a new day

Authors note:Another light hearted fool adventure
thank you Pat for making this year so memorable...

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year
May you always sail on the ship of dreams
and may the adventures of life  be bountiful..

Peace & Light...

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Self-Portrait, Francis Bacon

Will I be remembered
through the hands of time

Will you see me as I see myself
a man captured in the torments of life

Will you say I was a prisoner of my own mind
expressing  my world as seen through dark eyes

Will you feel my anguish, reflections of twisted emotions
through the camera lens,  black and white I remain for all time

But, will I be remembered...

posted for the Mag 200 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Narrow Ledges

Narrow ledges, living on the edge
difficult distinguishing reality
in this realm they call life
high above the city lights
noise pollution, crowd pollution
hate, crime and greed
lurk on the city streets below
lost souls busy scaling city walls
need to reach a higher elevation
understanding; new revelation

Climbing, Higher
Reaching for that star above

Walking narrow ledges
no excuses, for the abuses
mild contusion & confusion
freedom from the delusions
cut the harness, inhale/exhale
gasping for air, need to breathe
come follow me, open rooftops
wipe away our fears & tears
you & I seeking universal light
on narrow ledges, making pledges

Climbing, Higher, almost there
Reaching for that star above

There’s a view I want you to see
a place where our spirits can be free
each step filled with anticipation
one step closer to salvation
intense feeling of elation
walking narrow ledges
hang on tight, guiding light
time of reflection, new direction
embracing freedom on narrow ledges

Climbing, Higher we are there
shining bright with that star above...

Author's note: 
Wishing all a very happy holiday and may light always
guide you in your journey of life..

sharing with Poets United...