Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mending Tattered Pieces

Credit Truedessa

dreams  split  in two
patching hearts  work  of  art 
mending tattered pieces of hope


needing  repair 
 take  me  to  the mountain
restoring  faith  in life's journey

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Smashing Pumpkins, Spilling Seeds

On Halloween eve,  mystical full moon
two lighted hearted fools, a sea of dark
sailors listen for the siren's musical tune
journey into the unknown they embark

clouds roll in thin veil immortal realm
Truedessa at the bow,  keeping watch
ghostly tales of those sinking at the helm
Captain Pat,  "I could use a shot of scotch"

eerie silence cuts through the moonlight
bubbling  cauldron,  bewitching spell
above the black ravens caw in the night
opening doorways to where spirits dwell

ghosts awakening, pirating ships to sail
hovering above a witch on her  broom
serpents rattling,  the night grows pale
riding black waters,  waves  of gloom

these two just wanted to have some fun
flashing the bat signal high in the sky
they needed to call in their top guns
they would make any evil ghouls fry

first to arrive the mighty red tailed hawk
seeking adventure always ready for a tale
he is known for sporting a giant mohawk
a keen eye tending bar, filling mugs with ale

welcome to the party on Halloween eve
arriving now, on dragon's fiery  breath
none other than the masked ninja wannabe
he's been known to slay a guitar to death

special guest appearance by the blue guy
offering to sing on deck "The monster mash"
impersonating  Elvis wearing a black tie
Truedessa's sure it will be graveyard smash

Now, the cat is mystified at the new crew
but, Captain Pat is gleaming with delight
another ship in view, who would've knew
Captain Red Shoe's banner sails in the night

Glenn couldn't stay away, he likes these tales
he's sharp always knows when to enter on cue
no horse in sight so he rode on a giant whale
he enjoys a long story,  writing a script or two

Mary,  Claudia & Sherry in a hot air balloon
they like  to float freely in a basket in the sky
taking in the rare view under a blood moon
it is said they are willing to fight bad guys

   shh - off in the distance a wolf howls
   or was that just Mary's 3 dogs..

two light hearted fools are enjoying the bash
Captain Pat & Truedessa dance to a sultry tune
suddenly a giant pumpkin hits the deck smash
guests scatter yelling "who is that crazy loon"

riding the steely sky a hobgoblin causes fright
looks like the party is about to take a turn
throwing fiery pumpkins from left to right
stumbling to their feet as the water churns

load the cannon this goblin we will defeat
Truedessa and Captain Pat come up with a plan
Ninja Wannabe calls his dragon to his feet
the trio board, off to fight this pumpkin man

with a swift SWoosh and whooSH off they fly
slashing darkness, with lightning speed
fiery orange pumpkins illuminate the  sky
afraid ground support they will surely need

Brian bellowing "all hands on deck"
reloading the cannon, putting out fires
they will not let this mighty ship wreck
Claudia quietly sketches all that transpires

Captain Red Shoes  now takes command
"listen up we don't go down without a fight"
together with the blue guy they make a stand
storm of flaming arrows blasts into the night

Truedessa  sends heart thumping vibrations
Ninja  slowly inches closer, with a thump
thick  air ripples with a wobbly sensation
on the back of hobgoblin Captain Pat jumps

wrestling this pumpkin goon in the sky
Zipping and hissing
  bones snapping and cracking
Truedessa, hurls a magic stone high

a gash of light from the heavens above
striking the goblin bursting his evil seeds
falling ,Captain Pat gives him a final shove
Truedessa tosses Capt'n Pat some magical beads

he grabs hold as the dragon leads them home
safe and sound back upon their sturdy ship
the wicked hobgoblin will no longer roam
the guests below clap with glee what a trip

Time to celebrate until the morning sun
Ninja rockin' out on his guitar all sing along
untied the friends defeated evil and won
Truedessa & Capt'n  Pat together are strong

Now, this is a  Halloween party cruise
Bjorn, you lead as you dance with bears
everyone put on your red dancing shoes
let the laughter of friends fill the air

posted for dVerse open link night..I hope you enjoyed
another light hearted fool tale! Happy Halloween..

Thursday, October 16, 2014


wallpaper here

dreams of a dragon's song
dancing in the  
night  sky
gleam above 
duet song of two hearts
open distant  realm
deeper in  
tune  we sing
discovering beauty

Writing Pleiades at dVerse
hosted by Vandana Sharma

Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Altered State of Mind

© Don Holland, OR, April 2007

in the early morning sunrise
breaking night's dark silence
pounding heart of my drum
drifting into another distant  realm
my spirit soars to high  mountain tops
inhaling  deep aroma of green pines

another beat of the drumstick
I fly with the red tailed hawk
gliding over mossy river banks
clearer vision in my  peripheral view
stirring my awareness , synchronicity
between human and wild raptor

buffalo skin, stretched with each beat
chanting rhythm of ancient songs
leading my spirit to where it belongs
haunting melody,  hypnotic  trance
induces a dream dance of two souls
barefoot entering the sacred circle

joining hands with the wolf and bear
uniting the past with the present
transformation, with each beat
searching for all I can find
in an altered state of mind
awakening with each vibration

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

If I Were All I Could Be


If I were the sun I would brighten your days
If I were the moon I would lighten your nights

If I were the stars I would make your wishes come true
If I were the heavens I would hear your silent prayers

If I were the weeping willow I would cry , so you wouldn't
If I were the earth,  I would give you a world of hope

If I were the clouds, I would carry your darkest days
If I were the rain, I would  wash away your pain

If I were the ocean I would be a current of change
If I were the wind I would listen to your whispers

If I were the fire, I would ignite your inner desires
If I were the shadows, I would always walk with light

If I were the seeds of love, I would help you grow
If I were the rose, I would give you my heart

posted for Poetry Jam writing If I Were Poetry