Monday, May 20, 2019

Dreams are Priceless

photo - Pixabay

Dreams have enriched my life
I've danced beyond the clouds
I've flown with mystical dragons
I've crossed the boundaries of my mind
I've found adventures in unexpected places
I've created songs and poetry from my heart
I've found pieces of me in the night

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writing a quadrille incorporating the word "rich"

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Heart of the Mountain

personal collection

In the heart of the mountain
beats the hopes of dreamers
ancient ones offer counsel
mystical shamanic teachers

In the heart of the mountain
between birch and pine trees
resides a magical fountain
with owls eyes you will see

all you need do is believe

In the heart of the mountain
receiving messages of healing
nature is alive and bouncing
exploring innermost feelings

In the heart of the mountain
wild spirits roam in the night
primal drums - resounding
dreams come alive at twilight

all you need do is believe

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tu-lips - For-ever

whisper secrets
tracking spring's heady scent
dreams blossoming in soft petals

jubilant red
warmth fills lethargic hearts
whispering mother nature's song

purple petals
chasing dark clouds away
thoughts of you windmill in my mind

Image result for free photos yellow flowers - tulips

sunlight yellow
turning frowns into smiles
brighten an ordinary day

Image result for free photos of orange tulips
petals of spring
fragrant orange blossoms
rejuvenate nature's garden
Image of blue tulips

singing the blues
harmony in moonlight
awakening to spring's magic

Image result for green tulips
nature's freshness
calm inducing magic
green whispers of freshly cut grass

sedating hue
mystical indigo
bridging the gap between two worlds

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I've added a few more at the
request of Alex
a spectrum of rainbow colors

photo credit first two my own collection
other from google free pics