Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Oasis of Dreams

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I once saw a shooting star, a spark
caught my eye flashing across the sky
in silence, I made a heartfelt wish
drinking in the magic of sparkling
light, suddenly a mystical dragon appeared
maiden of dreams, your knight awaits
illuminating stairs heaven bound...

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the word spark

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stop, Look Before You Go!

Photo @ Truedessa

stop behold the wonders of autumn
autumn, a time of changing views
views, in wondrous hues of color
color, brightens the journey ahead
ahead, a winding road leading up
up,  narrow rocky trails dangerously steep
steep, climbing each step with a deep inhale
inhale, exhale the UN-polluted mountain air
air, crisp and clean the need to breathe
breathe, in moments before they are gone
gone, are the days when I traveled lost
lost are my dreams of yesterday, today I live
live, for today embracing glorious light
light, the source that guides the wanderer
wanderer, the one who seeks eyes of the dragon
dragon, guards the dreamers secret lair
lair, hidden sanctuary panoramic window
window, eyes of an oracle, feeling whole
whole, body, heart and soul inter-locking
inter-locking, jigsaw fitting together united
united, in effulgent  light, the prism of life
life, the journey between here and there
there, the place of higher consciousness
consciousness, the state of being truly awake
awake, transcending dreams to a new reality
reality, perception translated in an autumn day

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Legend of the Stars

photo:credit shown

In a twinkling sky, a harvest moon shines
far beyond the stars, a dragon takes flight
soaring on ample wings, two hearts align
frequency of love, vibrates in the night

Navigator seeking treasures unknown
wherever you fly she'll be by your side
during darkness, you'll never be alone
shadowing dreams on a mystical ride

Captain, guardian of the dragon lair
with honor, offering his heart and soul
magical dreams, lyrical songs to share
wavering, on the bridge of self control

Seeking a place where they truly belong
falling in the embrace of a lover's song

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Author's note: Written for someone
special who believes in dragons!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tapping to the Sugar Maples

pic credit - Truedessa's Collection

in a cloudless sky
an autumn day calls
come to the mountains
breathe in the fresh air
take in the rich hues of life
fall into the lush landscape
of a sun-kissed valley
dance in the arms of nature
taste the sweetness
of maples

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writing a 44 word poem
incorporating the world

Author's note: I took this photo
last weekend, the mountains
were once again calling me...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I, Of The Storm

waves break, who can silence a raging sea
eye of destruction, hard to understand
terror strikes, many with no place to flee
waves break, who can  silence a raging sea
swelling waters,  flooding dripping wet land
mourning heartbroken,  sifting through debris
waves break, who can silence  a raging sea
eye of destruction, hard to understand


I wrote this after watching the hurricane
coverage. It made me weep all the destruction
and lives lost. 

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pieced Together With Love

Pablo Picasso - Girl with a Mandolin


naked and vulnerable
offering you fragments
of my heart


strumming heartstrings
seductively pulling you
into my embrace


music opens our world
together we are in tune
a work of art


upon soft lips, a song
blooms under moonlight
in desert sands


sipping Merlot, black cherry
& sweet plums, savoring
the moment we become


touching the curves of my body
softly stroking my neck
loving fingers, dancing to 
the rhythm of desire


holding on to dreams, our songs
we dare to soar  beyond the stars
discovering the mystery of us
drifting in a musical eclipse

authors note: I was inspired by
this artwork and of course I
put my own spin on this
cubist style poem.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


courtesy of Pinterest

Darkness sweeps in on wings
harvest moon, blackbirds sing

slipping into a lucid trance
shadows awaken to dance

three AM wide eyes keep watch
to the tic-tock, tic-tock of the clock

restless night under starlit sky
into a mystic realm dreams fly

posted for dVerse
44 words - incorporating Shadow

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eye Awakening

Original artist unknown

Let us follow destiny's  song
through sun & moon's mystic eye
there's a world where we belong

sometimes angels get it wrong
lost souls in life, reflective sigh
let us follow destiny's  song

opening hearts singing strong
pathway vivid, don't ask why
there's a world where we belong

can humankind learn to get along
heaven's tears turn to a steady cry
let us follow destiny's song

spellbound by a tuneful throng
changing winds, shadows mystify
there's a world where we belong

dreams sweetly string us along
mystical eye watches from high
let us follow destiny's  song
there's a world where we belong

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