Sunday, December 16, 2018

Take Me To Where the Wild Heart Roams

Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar, Wildlife

Take me to where the mystic dragon flies
In his beating heart the fire of love resides
wrap me in the folds of his mighty wings 
believing in the magic of the songs he sings

Take me to where the wild puma wander
in his strength and courage free to conquer
coat me with patience to achieve desires
believing in the magic of nature to inspire

Take me to where the moon & stars shine
in  heavenly beauty earth and heaven align
embrace me with light so I might truly see
believing in the magic of dreams, I am free

Authors note:  I recently had an encounter
with a puma. I have been pondering the
deeper message of this sighting.

As Poets United goes on a break
I would like to wish all a Happy and Safe
Holiday. Merry Christmas!

Until our paths meet again in the journey

Thank you for visiting and supporting
my dreams and poetry

Peace, love and dreams

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Golden Owl Flies


 Moonlight creeps across fallen snow
she dreams of lands that no one knows
thousands of archers guard the sky
here the golden owl nightly flies

beyond the veil sturdy pines grow
tonight the journey long and slow
seeking inner peace her heart sighs
here the golden owl nightly flies

through the darkness eyes reflecting
mind, soul and body connecting
mysteries of the night arise
here the golden owl nightly flies

moonlight creeps across fallen snow
here the golden owl nightly flies

sharing with dVerse

authors note: As dVerse goes on
break I wish you happy
moments of reflection.  

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas

I missed the prompt on repetition 
I offer you this a snippet of a dream
Thanks for visiting 

Monday, December 3, 2018

You Brought Me

You brought me words
fueling my heart with the
breathing fires of life

You brought me poetry
Dickinson, Yeats, Keats
and Shakespeare

You brought me  stars
and moonlit waves of cheer

You brought me a smile making
my day worthwhile

I bring you gratitude

Posted for dVerse
writing poetry incorporating
the word "Cheer" 

author's note: I have not
been feeling well  and a
very special person brought
me a message of cheer.
Encouraging me to write.

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By Blue and Truedessa 

Thanks Blue for being you!