Thursday, May 26, 2022

Everyday Extreme

Stonehenge, Monument, England, Uk
Courtesy of Pixabay


The everyday extreme

seems to be getting worse

the weather teeters from

scorching to chilly

A storm rolls in with

howling winds

patio furniture lifts off


feather light, I wonder when

it splashes-down, will it shatter, like

lost dreams in the garden

of Eden....

tears pour from the heavens

shall we build an arc to weather

the inevitable floods that will

surely come...

do we still have two of each

species, so many are bordering

on extinction....does anyone care

In the morning sun, the sweltering

heat place to hide

the power grid is

way  to cool the air down...makes

it hard to breathe when it's

90 plus degrees..

Who can keep track of the everyday

extremes...who will save the young

saplings who haven't had a chance

to grow their roots, taken too soon 

my heart grieves for all the loss...

Will the only thing left standing be

giant megaliths ....a sanctuary of

hope in the eye of the storm

the artwork of

a by-gone community

linking with earthweal

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author's note:  my humble free verse ramblings...



  1. Beautifully penned! :)

  2. A poignant and moving poem. The question about whether we have two of each species left really got to me. Good question. Horrible that we have to ask it.

  3. This is quite beautiful in a bittersweet way True — and so sadly pertinent to our changing world.

  4. Sadly it may come to this point if we don't care about mother earth.

  5. Very challenging questions. Our grandchildren have a lot of problems to solve in the coming years.

  6. This was a delicate, beautiful analogy and summation of the world we live in.

  7. i feel your words, i am on a rollercoaster, nothing makes sense, down the looking glass for sure. yet tomorrow the sun will rise (with grace) and i will be grateful for dawn, and a bunch more, keep the faith, let your light shine, sending love