Monday, November 13, 2017

Hoot Hoot of the Owl

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High on a mountaintop we gathered to share our dreams.  Sitting at
a long wooden table we broke bread and dipped our thoughts in
herbs and wine.  My golden owl cuff with brown eyes the centerpiece
of our conversation. We talked about sightings of owls and the
mysticism that surrounds them. I said, "one must listen when the
oracle of secret knowledge flies into your life with a message."
The room became quiet, as if listening for my next thoughts.  "The owl
sees in places of darkness and helps guide us in our quest."  Later, that
evening we found ourselves nestled in the owl's nest deep in the woods. 
Ancient songs filled the air with each beat of the drum, the fire in the hearth
warmed my soul. My mind drifted far away from this time and place
as I  soared in the realm of dreams.

beneath rounded moon
speaking the language of trees
owl chortles messages


  1. I drank this down so gratefully - such wisdom and understanding in your poem. Mine is about an owl that flew into my life with a message after my mother's death. Thanks for this, Truedessa. It is beautiful.

  2. Really a lovely write tru. Thanks again for the glimpse in. The owl sees things. Sees thru things to those places we let no one else see. Masks are useless in front of the owl.

    Speaking the language of trees. That I think is one of my favorite places to be.

  3. I love this sentence:

    "My golden owl cuff with brown eyes became
    the centerpiece for conversation."

    It makes me so happy that you also believe wisdom can be chortled. Not all truth and enlightenment have to come from a place of seriousness. Sometimes laughter speaks wisdom as well.

  4. I love this sentence: "We broke bread and dipped our thoughts in herbs and wine." You wrote this is a very mystical and magical way that fits well with the subject.

  5. The atmosphere of this haibun tells of wholeness.

  6. The words come to us from the shamans as it were. So deep and beautiful filling up the heart with peace. Beautiful Truedessa.

  7. “speaking the language of trees”

    Love this.

  8. Smiling I am. Follow the owl in its wisdom and beauty. I prefer to think of it in this way rather than as a bird of prey.

  9. The owl guides and one can chose to follow, leave and enter the land.

  10. The mystical mood of this seems to go along with the owl and the setting you create so well in the prose and haiku.

  11. Seeing in places of darkness is a good metaphor for wisdom.

  12. This sounds like a wonderful place to be... reminds me of a time when we were at a campfire program in Nevada once and listened to tales of Raccoon...

  13. My mother adored owls. She had a ring in the shape of an owl. Its eyes were diamonds.