Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond - Acadia National Park


Walking the waters of the Jordan
visiting another place and time
balancing the narrow plank of  duality
a drifting dream, shifting reality

scaling the boulders blocking my path
avoiding the river of nature's aftermath
seeking the secrets of the master teacher
in the philosophy of love, I am a believer

reaching a sandy beach, resting weary feet
contemplating where sky and water meet
on a hot day, might a dunk, offer redemption
can the tears of Jordan, change my perception

the journey is not yet complete, a sonnet of love
whispering verses from the mountains above

Jordan Pond - Acadia National Park

Author's Note:  Recently I took the three
mile trek around Jordan Pond. Walking
planks, scaling rocks to find myself on
a small beach of reflection.

Today, I woke up with nature whispering in my ear. 

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Sadly, today the Jordan River in many
areas is just a trickle of what it used to be.
Jordan Pond was a walk of reflection.

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  1. This poem is a true beauty! What a lovely walk of reflection that must have been. I especially love "In the philosophy of love, I am a believer."

  2. Very beautiful. Although I would call that a lake not a pond. Although there is a Jordan Lake already in this area.

    1. It does seem more like a lake than a pond.

  3. This has the feel of walking a labyrinth. Very meditative. (Kerfe)

  4. "Waters of Jordan" summon all the old baptisms, our need for it - and Jordan lake delivers to those who travel all the way.

  5. You thread your steps to an idyllic place and state of mind.

  6. That's a beautiful place! The poem is lovely, too!

  7. I love these reflective walks, and the word-music they gift to us. I love the soothing tones of your final couplet.