Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Messenger - The Vision

Author's note: This was written for a friend
thank you for allowing me to journey on
your land as part of my quest. I will always
treasure the mystical experiences.
IF,  you are out there this is for you!

The way of the dreamer
mystical spirit woman
swathed in pearly mist
luminous moon
the maples wave
dripping sweet sap
whispering pines

blue green pond glistens
under starlight
home to creatures
spirits of mysticism
blue heron
snakes &

guardian of the wetland
entrusted by the ancient ones
dwellers of another time
apparitions dancing
beating water drums
rhythm of life..
trees baring hollow eyes
remember our ways

soft sound of moccasins
drifting in a breeze
walking ivy covered trails
moist imprints in the earth
he listens for her call
she flies the night sky
on the wings of a red hawk

traveling between realms
her guide & teacher
never far from her side
she knows this land
the map engraved in
her heart, the warrior's
song plays in her soul

nocturnal life begins
to breathe
hooting owls
wolves cry
coyotes howl
white tailed deer
nestled in the brush

wearing leather hides
she hikes the trail
searching for the meaning
& understanding of life
signs of another time
green pines marching onward
spirits from the great beyond
preservation in a modern world

in the shadows he paces
tall and strong, carrying
the song of the bear
slow & steady spirit of a turtle
wearing worn moccasins
each stitch holds a place
in the journey of life

greetings, they embrace
touching his face..
good to see you my friend
may your path always
be filled with peace..
remember your heart
for that is the center
of your being..it will
always know the way
to the above world

whirling four winds
puff of grey/blue  smoke
she is gone in a flash on
wings of a dream
soaring the heavens...

Posted for dVerse Open Link Night This is based on my own journey as I am a dreamer...


  1. To meet or experience one is life changing I can imagine ~ Like that your friend is always connected to the spiritual realm and reminds us to remember our heart and walk in peace ~ A meaningful read, thank you ~

    1. Grace,

      A journey within the realm of dreams. Thank you for reading.

  2. This friend is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Lessons from nature are among the deepest and most long lasting. A very special read here, Truedessa.

    1. Mary,

      Thank you...this guide is wise beyond words.

  3. nice..native american? first nation? there is something very alluring to that...we used to have a large indian celebration near where i went to college...to be so tied to nature and the spirits...its a wonderful thing...sounds like a cool friend...

    1. Hi Brian,

      Nature and the spiritual world are full of mystery and I have been blessed to have experienced some amazing happenings.

  4. Ahhh... I love this. Beautiful.

  5. Such visions you convey
    Here today
    Have experienced some weird and wacky
    Some things that are tacky
    Sounds like a wise friend too
    One to have even a moment with at your zoo
    many things out there that are all around
    Sometimes it just takes a moment to tune into their sound
    But keep the coyote away from the cat
    That kind of mutt I wouldn't want to bat haha

    1. Hi Pat,

      Captured visions in another time
      as I try to jot down the lines
      there are many mysteries in life
      if we just open our eyes, we
      can fly those skies of dreams

      The cat is safe at his mat
      no coyote this day at his bay
      you are rather late today
      hope everything is ok...

      PS working on a new poem
      perhaps, the cat will play
      a part will try and give
      it a go for next week...

    2. Much is around Indeed
      And me at your feed
      being apart you say
      Should be an interesting display
      Pat is being a computer hog
      Working all day on book stuff so the cat is late to blog

  6. This has a genuine feel of the spiritualism that you wish to convey-- very pretty poem and very sensual too. Thanks. This is Manicddaily on mobile device! Wants to use an old blogger id. K.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It is nice to see you.

  7. This is absolutely my favorite poem of yours, so far. It speaks to so many things I hold close. I have a friend like this. If you have never read Jamie Sams, you might want to check her out--a Native American from New Mexico who writes of Indian spirituality. Her work is on Amazon.com

    1. Victoria,

      Thanks you for such a lovely comment. I will check out her work. I am sure I will enjoy it. Thanks again!

  8. Keep dreaming, and keep writing about them, please! As a "night person" most of my life, I recall how sweet are sounds of stillness.

    Native Americans seem to own more of basic spirituality, more of connection with their Higher power, the "Great Spirit" than any group I've met.

    Some dreams I wish to continue in serial form, and never let go--always trying to be wary and aware...

    Real nice wordings!
    PEACE and LIGHT!

    1. Hi Steve,

      I can't help but, keep dreaming as dreams are the keys to life. Yes, some dreams are wonderful and we want them to never end. Thanks for the visit.

      Peace & light...

  9. how cool to have your friend close for the journey...sounds like a cool experience and def. the heart as the center of who we are...

    1. A very cool friend indeed..dream quests are amazing. Hope you are enjoying your day.

  10. What an experience .. It sounds like magical journey..

    I loved the description

    in the shadows he paces
    tall and strong, carrying
    the song of the bear
    slow & steady spirit of a turtle
    wearing worn moccasins
    each stitch holds a place
    in the journey of life

    This one talks to me... (and my name Björn means bear)

    1. Hi,

      You are going to think this is strange but, the other day I was wondering what your name stood for and thought about asking you and now you come and say it means bear..I guess my question was answered..too cool..so now, I will think of you as a bear spirit do you carry a song in your heart? I think so... have a great day! I am glad the poem spoke to you...

  11. Some really wonderful descriptions here, Truedessa. An exquisite write.


  12. Amazing 'rhythm of life' poem ....

    1. Nice to see you Helen & thank you!

  13. I was returned to my studies of Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain and felt the warmth of the mysteries of nature. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Beth for a lovely comment. I think nature helps us stay in balance as people..simple reminders to take care of our world.

  14. To fly on the wings of a red hawk... Now, wouldn't that be wonderful, Truedessa?

    1. Hi Blue,

      I've missed seeing your little blue face at my place. How's Spain? It would be nice to fly on the wings of a red hawk. Care to take flight with me? Hope you are well & having fun.

      Take care!

    2. Spain wassssssssssss great. That said, tell me about your being a bit blue. I´m too tired right now to write a lot, having just arrived and all, but that doesn´t stop me from dropping in a line or two.

    3. Hi Blue,

      Thanks for dropping a line or two
      always nice to hear from you
      I hope you will share some
      of your adventure real soon
      that will surely perk up my mood...

      Get some rest & we can talk soon.

  15. This is lovely, I wanted to be there. I am especially enchanted by hawks.

    1. I am glad you could feel the journey. Hawks are great birds of vision and I am always awed to to have one in my view. Thanks for the visit.

  16. Nature and Spirituality go hand in hand...

    We have red tail hawks down here in the flatlands... beautiful birds... and kites! The kites are more slender and graceful than the hawks...

    I could watch them for hours...


    1. Hi Shoes,

      How are you this rainy Saturday? I agree hand in hand what a lovely thought just warms my heart.

      Whenever I see a hawk I have to stop and watch him/her fly the sky so graceful and beautiful.

      Hope you are well my friend..

  17. This is a spectacular poem - and journey - which lifted my spirit up where the red-tailed hawk flies. Beautiful, my friend.