Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bear that Cares - A Light Hearted Fool Adventure

Salted seas in the blue mystery of twilight
silent moments as celestial heavens awake
two light hearted fools,  bid the sun goodnight
ghostly  seamen moan from past mistakes

Against a wooden crate, Truedessa drums
spotted cat curls next to her on the deck
Captain Pat, lost in thought softly hums
in the vast universe we are but a speck

Truedessa drifts with  the driving beat
hypnotic trance,  ancient songs fill the air
foamy waves wobbling under their  feet
forming in twinkling stars, the great bear

Aligning heavens energy with earth
opening  inner channels within the sea
Capt'n Pat's eyes twinkling with mirth
spotted cat running around with glee

Within the universe a hidden cave
seven mighty stars,  guide the way
suddenly,  the two are hit by a wave
an alien beast,  arises dark and gray

Evil  giant fish, with two oval heads
spitting seaweed, with a loud hiss
fanged teeth,  could tear them to shreds
causing havoc from that dark abyss

Cap't Pat springs into quick action
drawing his sword,  ready to slice
abolishing this ugly sea attraction
eyeing the cat,  beast better think twice

Spit, spitting SpittiNG 
a net of seaweed around the captain
Truedessa hurries drawing her sword
Pat and the cat now held captive
nasty beast, slowly slithers aboard

Giant  red orbs, shooting fireballs
Truedessa,  screams with all her might
unleashing a giant energy wall
pledging her allegiance she will fight

Cat chews his way out as a fire erupts
Truedessa works on freeing Capt'n Pat
her mind  going into a state of flux
just as the evil two headed grabs the cat

A golden teardrop falls from her eyes
Capt'n Pat trying to extinguish the blaze
suddenly  rain begins to fall from the sky
loud growl,  giant bear appears in the haze

Capt'n Pat and Truedessa  give a quick look
two humongous  paws with sharp black nails
mystical  bear will need no fishing hook
swatting the huge fish against the ship rails

Truedessa and Pat eagerly lend a hand
two headed fish,  losing its strength
one last swat sending him into another land
his defeated body floating at great length

Giving thanks, Truedessa  hugged the bear
Capt'n Pat and the spotted cat  give a nod
drifting upward to the sky, protecting his lair
his cave in the constellation , home of the gods

Capt'n Pat and Truedessa gaze the sky
once again,  their ship is safe from harm
the stars shimmer rare jewels up high
from her tresses she pulls a lucky charm
a bear tooth shines...

Posted for Poet United Mid Week Motif - Foolishness
Thanks to all for reading..


  1. Good thing you had that lucky charm! Bear made quick work of that fish. Can't let him get the cat.

    1. Thanks Alex, number one and thanks for the note. Yeah, have to save the cat..

  2. Seaweed Spitter!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  3. O! Love that the bear left a souvenir! I love this image:
    "two humongous paws with sharp black nails
    mystical bear will need no fishing hook
    swatting the huge fish against the ship rails"

    A foolish fantasy maybe, but such fun to play out with power when you are the heroine!

    1. Foolish, but fun to write..thanks for visiting Susan.

  4. I love the chapter, smiles ~ Hey, you are the real hero, not Pat ~ I admire the guts of the woman to slay the beast ~


    1. Thanks Grace another chapter...woman can be strong when need be..

  5. So glad their ship is free from harm once again. They seem to be under a magical spell!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I guess it is safe for now...

  6. This one was action-packed, & I do believe your choice of fantastical words resonates with the dVerse prompt; perhaps even my cinemagenic poems would fit the jig, & flesh out the form.

    1. Smiling - we do like to write those long tales..always an adventure to explore.

  7. I like this. Strong.

    1. I should have waited for my spring cleaning to take this picture. The koi made it through another winter. Both water gardens are now clean and clear with flowers and rocks all around...and of course, grands. Thank you.

    2. Gail,

      Maybe, you can post another picture so we can experience the beauty.

  8. The valiant Truedessa fought well and hard - thank heavens for Friend Bear's timely arrival. I so enjoyed this!

    1. Thanks Sherry,

      It is good to have a bear for a friend.

  9. What an adventure! Your 'bear that cares', is always present on your arm, in a charm, and up high, with eyes in the skies! Do not fear!

    Enjoyed this.


  10. This certainly was a great adventurous poem with myth, monsters and family too (?) all embroiled to entertain us. I enjoyed it very much.

  11. What a magical adventure, and journey. It's interesting!

  12. Love these adventures.. and what better way to get saved than by a bear..?

    (my name means bear)

    1. haha- Yes, Bjorn has a bear spirit for sure..

  13. Fun poem and great adventure. Well done.

  14. haha can't let that thing ever eat the cat, good thing the bear was there to help make fillet out of the fishy haha always good to keep lucky charms near

    1. I would never let any creature harm the not ever...yeah those lucky charms can really be magical.

  15. That read like a dream. Where can I get one of these? :)

    1. smiling - just close your eyes and let the land of imagination take flight

  16. I love this. You are so good.

  17. How lovely to see you and your world - bears are great protectors...

  18. Oh, what a great read - the magic, the excitement ..!

  19. Bravo! So well done! :) Great way to end my night.

  20. This was a joy to read. What a cool adventure!

  21. These are so much fun. So whimsical. A bear makes for a great protector. Especially when you're getting seaweed spit all over you. Ewww...

  22. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I do appreciate each and every one of them. I'll swing by your place to read shortly.

  23. Happy Tuesday, Truedessa.