Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tears Freeze on Forest Trees

free wallpaper

just riffing thinking out loud
i am just drifting in a cloud

passing through heavenly portals
as if, I were more than mortal

beyond dark skies flying high
where the magpie passes by(e)

devouring yellow moon cakes
creating angels out of snowflakes

into a realm of wonder I am drawn
lucid dreaming before new dawn

poetry scattered in morning frost
internal/external rhymes are lost

mourning crows cover frozen trees
teardrops fall in winter's freeze

snowy owl swoops across the land
shifting views, hard to understand


  1. Such gorgeous imagery. I especially love the owl swooping across the land..........a wise being, she must be confused at what the humans are up to these days.

  2. Contains both a magical and tragic feel - well done!

  3. Great rhyme flow indeed. Oh what a frosty land can do, need a heater at ones zoo lol

  4. Playing with our imaginations. Quite an enjoyable adventure.

  5. Hi Truedessa - loved the thoughts here ... and

    "mourning crows cover frozen trees
    teardrops fall in winter's freeze"

    reminds me of carrion and deathly hoods ... fairly depressing ... but I love how you've expressed it here -

    Cheers Hilary

  6. You may be "just riffing," but the images you evoke are compelling, Truedessa!

  7. Wow, the images you have brought forth are breath taking! Big Hugs!

  8. Hey True!

    Haunting, dare I say, chilling words that invoke a sense of melancholy intertwined with tear-dropped trees.

    Peace and hope, peace and hope, my lovely friend.


  9. Superb, it bounced through my mind, such rhythm

  10. "Lucid dreaming before new dawn..." I don't have to remind you how jealous that makes your blue friend.

  11. Even if it's just a riff, it's a whimsical one with such vivid imagery. I love the picture you painted here.