Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stakes are High

Roll the Dice!

Come roll the dice, spin the wheel
perhaps you prefer to wait for a deal
stakes are high are you willing to pay the price
grab a shot at a better life & alter your plight

There are no guarantees & nothing is for free
this game is always in continuous play
are you a player or being played
today could be your lucky day

Take a chance if you dare on this game
that they call life…

Be warned you could be fooled
that’s the chance you take, risk it all
to stay alive in this game of life…
spin the wheel & see what it deals…

What is it that your heart desire
health, wealth, love, happiness
But, beware of  those called
sickness, poverty, heartbreak, sorrow

Take a chance if you dare on the game
that they call life…

Do you like the hand that was dealt
the time is now no need to wait
tuck that ace inside your belt
this game is always in play

The trick is to stay alive
making it through each day
fighting the odds just to breathe
in a world full of greed & deceit

Take a chance if you dare on the game
that they call life…

You  may win, on that  lucky spin but,
if you lose, we’ll see you on the other side..

Where hope still resides...

For dVerse open link night..stop by the pub..have a drink
from the well of verse..just grab a mic jump up on
the block..and say what you might wishing all
a fun night...


  1. life is def a high risk game if you engage in it fully...the trick at times is to stay alive...i dont know that anyone will make it out without a few scars...but that is all part of the game...

    1. Hi Brian,

      I think you are right we all will encounter some battles in the game of life but, no one promised life would be easy. We just live each day the best we can.

  2. I think the idea is well known but the trick is to do something different with it.>KB

    1. KB,

      Perhaps, that is the key to life..play it in a way that you win..make it unique.

  3. "Since it costs a lot to win, and even more to lose,
    You and me bound to spend some time wondrin what to choose.
    Goes to show, you don't ever know,
    Watch each card you play and play it slow,
    Come on boys and gamble, roll those laughing bones,
    Seven come eleven, boys Ill take your money home."
    You got me all fired up thinking of gambling
    and I had to share a few of my favorite lyrics !!! Great write !!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting and they are great lyrics..Grateful Dead I believe. Well, if you are all fired up maybe, you could win..take a chance on that gambling dance.

  4. haha you really have gambling on the brain
    There at your lane
    Been three years or so
    Since I gave a go
    But I won in the 5 digits when I did though
    So then my wallet did grow
    Then they gave me the boot
    Refusing to give me any more loot
    As for life much comes due
    Can win lose or say screw it all and swim to Bora Bora two by two

    1. Hey Pat,

      I know I'm on a roll today
      perhaps, I should give it a go
      might be fun for a day, but
      I wouldn't want to play everyday
      5 digits you say..well that was
      a lucky day at your bay..
      they gave you the boot
      what a brute..

      did you make a dash
      with all that cash
      you had quite a stash (lol)

      Well at least you left smiling
      screw it all let go swimming
      side by side..lol..

    2. Yeah I made away with 1/3rd of what I won from their bay
      The rest they would not pay
      Still took them for a ride
      In that i take pride
      Beat the unbeatable as they are called
      Bet they were appalled
      Paid off a loan
      So I won't groan
      Swimming, will you carry me
      I may get tired easily..lol

    3. Well, I'm glad you won
      I'm sure that was fun
      they wouldn't pay
      you should have said hey
      but, as long as you
      took them for a ride
      full of pride..
      it was a great day..

      I think we will need
      a boat to help us float
      I can swim but, I don't
      have fins..but, yes I
      would try to carry you or...
      just use some inner tubes..lol..

      good night Pat and his cats
      sleep tight don't let the mice bite

    4. That is just what we need
      Mice at our feed haha
      Said hey
      But they ignored me at their bay
      haha I'll let you do all the work
      That would be a perk
      Inner tube away
      i'll at least make sure you don't sink beneath the bay

    5. You are a funny cat
      and that is a fact
      let me do all the work
      did you say that with a smirk (lol)
      glad to know you wont' let me sink
      as the midnight stars glisten & wink

      hey cat the blue guy says hi.
      under his sky..

  5. I like this a lot. We are always rolling those dice, aren't we? We keep hope alive.....we have to. There is no other game than this, and it is (for us) win or lose.

    1. Mary,

      Thanks for visiting. You are so right the game of life is the ultimate game as we strive to get it right.

      Hope you are enjoying your day..

  6. I like the refraining lines ~ Life is a gamble, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose ~ Best to live each day to the best that we can ~

    1. Grace,

      I think all we can do it try to make the most of each day. Live life one day at a time..and if today is bad well tomorrow is a new day a new chance.

  7. Life is a gamble! It has been so for all of us. No two destinations are the same. Nicely Trudessa!


    1. Hi Hank,

      Thanks for visiting! You are right we all walk our own path in life each being unique. I guess it depends on how you play the game.

  8. Life is a gamble but there is really no choice but to play. Here we are. This is Karin from Manicddaily. K.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Your words ring with truth I guess it is better to be playing the game as we are still breathing with opportunity.

  9. Life is a gamble we just have to do the best we can. Nice write.

    1. Agree..ayala..thank you for the comment.

  10. Trudessa says, "Roll the dice--TWICE"? Thought in this game (life) we onle had one throw to play. (Thank God, I've found there are many rolls of the dice, until they finally fall right off the table.

    Wish we ALL could win, Trudessa, but those who lose made losing choices.


    1. Steve,

      Ok you had me laughing on the roll the dice - TWICE..my friend Blue did put me in his game and I thought it was rather nice. I hope he gets to see this when he comes back. I think we have more than one throw as life is a continuous game as we try to get it right. I agree that we all have choices and our choices will determine the direction and maybe, even the outcome of the game.

      Thanks Steve..hope you are enjoying your night and your life..

      Bright blessings..

  11. I loved this. I've never been much of a gambler...and it's definitely out of fear of the wrong toss of the dice. But I can see the lure of it...the wanting and hoping for things to fall just the way you want.

    1. I'm not a big gambler but, on occasion
      I will try my luck just for fun
      but, really I don't like to lose
      it is big business and a lot of
      people try their luck but, I
      fear many lose more than they win..

  12. nice...i think it's not a bad perspective at all to see life as a game that has to be played...and always good to have some jokers up in the sleeves...smiles

    1. I think it's a game that is full on with many twists and turns that are full of emotional swings as we move from space to space. It is journey that is for sure and you know a joker here and there can make the game a little more fun. Have a great day!

  13. Life is a game and learning the lessons it puts forth is how me move ahead... wonderful poem!!

    1. Agree Dana..always trying to learn and move forward as in reality time moves forward and we must face each new day.

  14. You never know what life will hold, that's for sure!

    1. So "true" life sometimes hands us cards we would rather not play. I guess we have a few we would like to discard and pick up some fresh ones from the deck hoping for a better hand.

      thanks for dropping by and for the reply..have a great day.

  15. Roll that dice - ya never know!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Hey, ya never know..I think we all are taking a chance in the game of life..hoping for love, happiness and a bit of success.

      Peace to you and yours....

  16. Truedessa, life is a surprise, we must take the good with the bad. Well stated here.


    1. Pamela,

      Thanks for reading and the reply into each of our lives there will be sunshine and rain.

      Have a great day!

  17. I live in a gambling city, a gambling state. Don't go there, but, as you've found, metaphors abound.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for the read & reply, I agree metaphors abound.

  18. I like this a lot... roll the dice... isn't that what we all do in life.. sometimes there is really no option.

    1. Bjorn,

      Sorry, for the delay in replying I just found your note in my spam..not sure how that came to be. Thank you so much for reading & the reply.

  19. sad so many live in this state

    1. Good Morning,

      Yes, it is rather sad but, perhaps things can turn around.

  20. Good morning!!

    Hmmm... is the glass of Life half full, or is it half empty??

    I've always been of the opinion that it really didn't matter... I would just top it off with vodka and move on!!

    Life is out there... we have options... choices. And they are ours to make/take. Some of us play our cards close to the chest, while some of us walk out on the ice... seeing if it will support us.

    There is a risk/reward component to Life... ebbs and flows... how it comes out depends on our perceptions of Life.

    All in all, it's good! :o)

    Thank you for the wondeful comment you left over at my place. They are always so thought provoking!!


    1. Good Morning,

      The day after celebrations. I saw the most amazing fireworks last night dancing in the heavens to music. A fun time..food, drinks and friends.

      Is the glass half full or half empty??? Well, that is all about perspective and perspectives change at any given time. If you are topping yours could you top mine as well?

      The ebbs and flow of life the rolling waves of my soul..

      You have a good attitude my friend..All in all it is good.

      You are welcome to the comment. I enjoyed reading your post full of interesting stuff for me to ponder.

      Have a great day!

      PS - I need to get that poem going..I've been busy and I need some quiet time..lol..

  21. Good afternoon, Trudessa...

    Top your glass off? Of course!!

    Thank you.. I do believe that Life is Good... and I do believe that every day is a good day.

    Yes, you DO need to get to work on that poem... but the quiet time and it will come to you.

    Have a wonderful day and weekend!!


    1. Hi Shoes,

      Thanks for the note..I hope you have a good weekend as well. I have started the poem but, I just haven't had time to fine tune it but, will try this weekend.

      Take care and thanks for topping my glass..life is so much better now.

  22. I especially love "where hope still resides...."

    1. Sherry,

      Thanks for the visit my spiritual friend. Hope the chimes are still singing their song.