Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who is that Masked Bandit

Lazy spring day
relaxing under a tree
nature bursting with life
birds flying from limb to limb
a butterfly seduces a wildflower
in the light of day..
overhead  a maya blue sky
soft puffy clouds drift by
from a giant maple
helicopters spin
twirling around until
they crash to the ground
sturdy tree rattles as if
to speak..I look
above through
thick  branches
what is up there
I feel his eyes on me
and then I see him
clinging to the tree
are you friend or foe
he teases me as he stretches
green leaves curtain his face
we play hide and seek
an amusing little game
I need a better view 
binoculars in hand
focusing upward
I see you now relaxing
back in the nook of the tree
you tilt your head a bit
to the right and I catch
a glimpse of your masked face
are you contemplating
your adventures tonight
under the cloak of darkness
what will be your loot
tell me friend what do you
see from your lookout point
do you wish to share a
secret  - are you as curious
about me as I am about you
we share a magical moment
one lazy spring day..

posted for dVerse
picture wikimedia
having some fun with free verse


  1. Very playful! Just like a raccoon.

  2. I have never seen a raccoon, except in a zoo, but sometimes I see deer and squirrels. I also wonder what goes through their minds as they seem to llok into our eyes.

  3. Pretty cool that you saw that coon. He will surely find something to get into tonight. As long as it is not my trash I am fine. Though I have had them on hte porch looking for it. You set a really peaceful moment leading up him too. A lazy day in nature.

  4. I really enjoyed your raccoon observations. Truthfully I have never seen a raccoon close enough to observe with such detail. They are said to be around though... I like that you went and got binoculars to see him even better. He really was in no hurry to leave, it seemed. A fun write to read!

  5. This was fun to read. I like the playfulness. And I love free verse.

  6. I enjoyed this, since I've never seen a raccoon that close!

  7. how very cool... i never saw one in real life and so would love to... what a very cool encounter

  8. To live the eyes of bandit way..
    To feel the fur of Raccoon moves..
    To see the eyes alive.. yet dark circles
    yes.. is to be more than thief.. without
    bounty of Nature's Love..:)

  9. Love the effort you went through to see that masked menace.. I hope he doesn't find anything on your trash ;-) but they are cute and real survivor.

  10. Adorable little critters. At the beach I had a family of them who came to my deck for food all the time....the babies were so sweet!

  11. They are cute animals, but can be rather nasty too. Caught much of him as he stared back at you. Orlin wanted to eat the one we saw at the other sea lol

  12. this reminds me of the book "Rascal" I read as a boy.

  13. Adorable to some, scary to others; you know what I think about them. But they are wild creatures for sure, & their powers of accommodation to mankind are superb; much craftier than coyotes or bear. They can kill cats or small dogs when cornered or hungry, & small children should not be around then for sure. My middle daughter lives adjacent to a green belt, & the raccoons emerge into their yard often, causing concern for letting the three grandkids play in the back yard.

  14. Well, well, I had no idea racoons were so prevalent in the US - you all seem to have had some experience with them, either positive or negative. I've never seen one (maybe in a zoo, not sure), but they sure look intelligent.

  15. This does sound like a magical moment. What a surprise to spot one of these masked cuties when least expected. Glad it was a moment shared from a little distance. :)

  16. A bit of a swoon with Rocky Raccoon
    Both of you, in nature's tune.

    Thank you, my friend
    Have a nice weekend.

    Gary :)

  17. Nature has a way of making good moments to be shared. What better than have a raccoon as company! Great lines Truedessa!