Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Without Presence there is Absence

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In the absence of light
  there is only darkness

In the absence of rain
  there is only drought

In the absence of peace
  there is only war

In the absence of love
  there is only hate

In the absence of friendship
 there is only loneliness

In the absence of vision
  there is only blindness

In the absence of sound
  there is only silence

In the absence of a mountain
  there is only a plateau

In the absence of dreams
  there is only reality

In the absence of you
  there is only emptiness

In the absence of death
  will there be ever-lasting life...

posted for Poets United
writing about absence


  1. A very good question. By the laws of opposites, it seems so.

  2. This is absolutely breathtaking!!

  3. luv where this is going, but surely you had to come to a stop

    Nice one

    much love...

  4. Of that I am not sure - but i truly hope the absences in our life aren't carried over into the next - in some circumstances once is definitely enough - i think you have written a stellar poem full of doubts and truths we all must touch upon in some way throughout the course of a day

  5. in the absence of living a truth
    one is living a lie

  6. Always a yin and yang to each. Nice ending too as ever lasting life comes due.

  7. love the progression of the poem and the final question is a stunner...

  8. A wonderful poem to ponder the dichotomies of life!

  9. I love how thought provoking this is, especially that last line. It's still too early for me to be pondering such things, but as soon as I get some coffee in me I'll get the ol' rusty brain to think it over.

  10. Wow – a wonderful progressing, leading to that now very logical question.

  11. You have managed to express truths in a very creative way! Clever & original poem.

  12. Beautifully done, my friend....I ponder on how large a presence absence can sometimes be. I love your poem.

  13. In the absence of you
    there is only emptiness

    Yearnings for a loved one has no finality. There is always a place in her heart for him! Very much so True!


  14. cool and philosophical - nice work on this piece

  15. Very thoughtful poem! So many things we would be missing!

  16. Such contradictions....and the end is so thought-provoking.

  17. Hi Truedessa - how very true ... in the absence of death we continue, life continues, our world continues ...

    Take care - Hilary