Sunday, October 11, 2015

Whispering - Take a leap of Faith

Grasshopper on table - Rachel Ruysch

In autumn's warm sunlight
a leaf traveling wherever
the golden  winds blow...

there's a crispness to the air
leaves swirl in a riot of color
orange,  yellow and red

driving southbound
listening to distant songs
blue skies await ahead

suddenly,  I sense company
running my fingers in my hair
plucking him from a loose curl

what message do you bring

green grasshopper, harbinger
of glad tidings, stirring my heart
lifting my spirit for the journey

I see life through different eyes
listening to soft chirping lullabies
soundtracks taken from my life

so, my friend we travel together
may our musings never fall silent
let us dance to our own steps

grasshopper speaks to me
in a language I can understand
thinking forward is the way

where will our quest lead

recalling summer songs
tuning my  inner antenna
detecting energy & clarity

seeing beyond boundaries
into the realm of mystery
new discoveries & adventures

grasshopper clings to my hand
& I to the circle of life
connected in the journey

poetry in my heart flowers
chrysanthemums in bloom
inspiration in a song...

following signs
  following new roads...

grasshopper whispers
   "take a leap of faith"

author's note: This is to honor
the grasshopper that recently
took a road-trip with me...

sharing with Poets United
Wishing you a "Sunday High"


  1. this poem shows a sense of being attuned to the world around us - the smells, colours, is always good to have a companion on a road trip..they can prove useful at times ;)

  2. May his chirping always remind you of summer.
    Bet that was a wild trip for the grasshopper.

    1. Hi Alex,

      It was a wild ride for the grasshopper and myself.

  3. Enjoyed the relationship between human and grasshopper. It is good to relate to the creatures in our midst, and if we listen carefully they share messages with us! Nice one, Truedessa.

  4. poetry in my heart flowers
    chrysanthemums in bloom
    inspiration in a song...

    Beautiful lines...!!

  5. Somehow I thought of the fable of the ant and the grasshopper.. maybe we should connect with the grasshoppers sometimes instead of with the ant... but it might me my mind racing to the chirps.

  6. A lovely message from the grasshopper which can be any creatures of the earth ~ Take a leap of faith, I like ending, which for me connotes acceptance of seasons of life ~

  7. I identify with this a lot. Time for a little crazy person talk - grasshoppers always seem like good luck charms for me. Like a cosmic message that something good's going to happen that day. Every time I see one (and sometimes in odd places, like a shopping mart or hopping into my open window when I'm driving 40 mph) something invariably good happens that day. And it always starts by one of them jumping up on me and hanging out for a little bit.

    1. Well, I like the friend that came to hang with you for a bit :) is sort of amazing when these creatures come to call and yes, I believe they bring messages of glad they sort of cling to you...I mean I was driving 70 mph with a grasshopper on my hand.

  8. What a wonderful song of a chance meeting and a wonderful trip with an unusual companion.

  9. I cant tell you how much I love this poem - the grasshopper, "what message do you bring?" - "let us dance to our own steps". Gorgeous.

  10. this is really beautiful and touching.

  11. Grasshoppers sure can show up in the weirdest of places, hopefully the chirp and his trip with you will bring great things to come due.

  12. "grasshopper clings to my hand
    & I to the circle of life
    connected in the journey"
    How well you took this surprise appearance and listened to its possibilities!

  13. What a beautiful bondind experience, this poem can serve as metaphor for our relationship with nature, the way it was meant to be, looking back to the Garden of Eden

    Sunday Smiles

    Much love...

  14. How much like us are the grasshoppers of the earth who colonize any place that can sustain them, breed prolifically, and ravage the earth and will even hitch a ride with an alien species. When one alights on me I note his examination and daring me to cast him off. When I don't he nods his head and stays until his mind and body take flight. Great piece Truedessa.

  15. Not a grasshopper but a preying mantis came to visit while I sat outside and had my morning coffee. it is indeed good to have such a companion while travelling. I like how you are connected to nature and it's so wise creatures.

  16. Love the idea traveling with grasshopper and symbolic meaning: "take a leap of faith"...indeed, what worse can happen? one will know where not to go, what not to do... win-win

  17. If we can't have unicorns, how delightful to have a grasshopper! :-)

  18. They like to ride along. Nice to think they may have wisdom for us too.

  19. Nice! And nice of you to honor your roadee companion:)

  20. What a fine companion grasshopper turned out to be. I often wonder what it is like to be another life form.
    Anna :o]