Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Seven Verses

Seven Verses

Seven years ago,  embarking on a quest
my weary heart was shipwrecked
that winter day,  love drifted away
I took the helm in an uncharted bay


In a poetic land characters came alive
casting my doubts, learning to survive
composing adventures on the high sea
a captain said,  " come sail with me"


Into the night under stars and moon
following the beat of a bluesy tune
two light-hearted fools, sailed the world
seeking the coveted ocean pearl


Who are we in this vast universe
have we been blessed or cursed
my melancholy heart sings the blues
can our souls ever fill our shoes


Beyond the stars, a dragon takes flight
carrying dreams into the cosmic  night
navigating the stars,  wings unfurled
discovering magic in a parallel world


Can you feel the songs of my poetic soul
do  you feel the beat of the ocean's roll
beyond the clouds, dancing side by side
through the darkness we saw eye to eye


Seven verses a testament of  my heart
this journey a wondrous work of art
poetry has filled my life with meaning
a part of me will always be dreaming

Authors note:  Thank you dear readers for sharing
my 7 year journey into the poetic realm
Your presence enlightens my world

A special shout out to the following
Forever touched by your kindness

Pat Hatt Time  - May our imagination have no limits
The Blue Grumpster - Will we ever find out who we are 
Alex J Cavanaugh - Somewhere,  beyond the stars is a story
Sherry Blue Sky - May we always hear the cry of the wolf
klahanie - Always listen & hear the song of the day

wishing everyone peace, light and love always


  1. Congrats on 7 years. Sure has been a ride indeed as imagination takes seed.

  2. That was beautiful. Congratulations on seven years. I do miss the videos Pat used to make.

  3. Hi Truedessa - that was quite delightful ... and so well done on 7 years of giving us such well thought out poems. So pleased for all your readers - cheers Hilary

  4. "Can our souls ever fill our shoes" is so wonderful a question. The dragon's flight, the magical journey are so mystical. I have watched your journey with such admiration, True. Thanks for the shout-out. I think we will always hear the call of the wolf. One day, if my keys fall silent, listen for the wolf. He will tell you where I am.

  5. A very lovely thank you, memorialized in verse.

  6. Seven years of friendship
    I'd say that's worth a sip
    When True Blue came myway
    She sure made a blue guy's day
    We've been pirats, angels in the sky
    Seven years have passed
    Doesn't time fly?

    Thanks for always being there
    You know I care.


  7. I hope you and your muse are having a delightful day.