Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Solstice - Welcoming Light

Scent Of Jasmine, Jasmin
Courtesy of Pixabay

 The summer solstice ushers in light.  In the warmth of a hot June evening. My drum in hand, I stand facing the sun rejoicing in the light.  A pool of water shimmers as the sun dips beyond the horizon. The moon shines on my back, a reminder that light is still needed in times of darkness.

 The evening air is thick with the smell of jasmines and freshly cut grass.  Hungry sparrows chirp in unison for food, adding their own notes to the magic of twilight.  A chorus of tree frogs let out a melodious trill with each beat of the hoop drum.  Waving good-bye to the last piece of the spring sun.  

Summer's rhapsody
blooming with radiant light
music to my ears

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hosted by Frank - writing a Haibun about the summer solstice

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  1. "Summer's rhapsody" -- that's a great line.

  2. So beautiful and melodic! Music to my ears too :-)

  3. Enjoyed how all of these separate sounds blended to create a solstice symphony. Lovely.

  4. A symphony of tree frogs is a summer sound I absolutely love! Thank you.

  5. I love the frogs singing along with the drum. "We are all one." Smiles.

  6. How wonderful to be able to drum to nature on the night of solstice... magic.

  7. "blooming with radiant light."

  8. The heartbeat of earth. And nature's chorus. (K)

  9. i miss the sound of frogs ~