Saturday, June 26, 2021

Lone Wolf

For the Sunday Muse


 I have traveled many moons

in search of signs of the wolf clan

they once occupied this land

guardians and path finders


from generation to generation

the wilderness our beautiful home

now there is barely room to roam

old territory narrows, food is scarce


survival depends on basic instincts

a voracious appetite for freedom

wandering through each new season

where have my once large pack gone


hot from the summer night, I pause

the days have grown much longer

thirsty for a drink of cooling water

the only kin I see,  is my own reflection


a lone wolf, a free spirit, untamed


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peace and freedom to roam  

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  1. very sad at what is happening to the wildlife globally. Extinction of many species is occurring at an alarming rate
    Sad image of the poor wolf's reflection being his only kin.

  2. those last lines seal the whole poem beautifully
    "he only kin I see, is my own reflection
    a lone wolf, a free spirit, untamed"

  3. Ah as sad as the dying human family of long ago. Changes happening every where!!!
    Happy Sunday


  4. Echoing the comments above, the sadness is immediately present. I find myself thinking of the animals in the suburbs navigating culverts and park pockets as the houses converge.

  5. "the only kin I see is my own shadow" ---- what an incredibly gripping sorrowful statement!

  6. Those shadow kin can be haunting... :-).

  7. This makes me think of Takaya - lone wolf, beloved - whose loneliness took him into town after seven years alone, and to his sad demise. Sigh.

  8. "thirsty for a drink of cooling water / the only kin I see, is my own reflection" - Yes, that gets to the heart of it.

  9. In another generation we may only have wolf-ghosts. What you channel here may be just that. Well done, friend. - Brendan

  10. Thats really sad because it is so true. Nicely written.

  11. When we lose any creature we lose part of ourselves

  12. we fools be, we 2-legged ~

  13. Wolves run in packs .... losing your connection, going it alone ~ how sad. Well penned!!!

  14. Wonderful True - very strong!

  15. Stay free and untamed. I often move in the feral path of self.

  16. Those last lines tore at my heart.

  17. How wonderful to be a free and untamed spirit! Such a crime that the wolf's territory has been narrowed so drastically.

  18. I think there are many people too who only see their own reflection. So sad...

  19. i was clearly called here :) and you are no lone wolf, especially now, there are many many howling in the dark nights, many more are gathering, we are all part of one another in spirit, much love kindred soul