Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Dragon's Lair

In a balmy late summer breeze
Truedessa  & Captain Pat Hatt
along with the rhyming cat
continue their journey at sea

Under dazzling yellow sunlight
searching the  endless waterways
cat leisurely naps catching warm rays
peering forward, spectacular sight

Double rainbow arching the sky
misty haze smell of fresh fallen rain
Truedessa softly singing  refrains
Captain Pat breathes a warm sigh

feeling the ebb & flow
  I drift further  into sea with  you
feeling the ebb & flow
  I drift further  into sea with  you

Captain steers the ship ahead
Truedessa smiling with glee
perhaps, the rainbow holds the key
cat shaking his head with dread

Could be a portal to the other side
where the emerald water shines
colorful crystal, beautiful designs
boundless as the oceans rolling tide

Holding tight under the archway they go
sailing into a kaleidoscope of wonder
burst of lightning & cracking  thunder
shifting  atmosphere, radiant glow

Captain declares to the right land ahoy
anchoring the ship they row to shore
lush green island waiting to explore
plenty of white sand cat purring with joy

Strolling the beach, cat digging holes
shimmering below  a golden lamp
rubbing the side, air becomes damp
blue black smoke swirling out of control

Truedessa  grasping Captain Hatt's hand
cat ready to attack, wickedly.. sneering
ghostly figure suddenly appearing
through the haze a mystical land

Genie,  unleashed before their eyes
bellowing who awakens me from my sleep
setting me free, a reward you will reap
but, first a deed to acquire the prize

Magical compass & map if you succeed
you must enter the dragon's gruesome lair
free the white hare,  a dangerous  affair
terms stated... hesitantly...they agreed

Creeping  the dark cavern floor
snap & crackle of broken bones
surveying remains of the unknown
pending danger hard to ignore

Sharp claws, glittering scales
deep  golden eyes, rush of heat 
smoke filled cave, fiery beast, 
cat hunting the scent of his trail

Fire breathing dragon ready to brawl
Captain Pat swinging his mighty swords
Truedessa chanting magical words
white hare trembling against the wall

Music fills the chamber hypnotic song
weary  dragon slipping into a  trance
Captain Pat Hatt  taking a chance
grabs the white hare, singing along

Rushing down the mountain side
toward the beach wild and free
longing to be back on the sea
blue genie waiting full of pride
Now, the mystical island will prosper
with an abundance of growing love
flying on gigantic wings above
dragon once again our gate keeper

Truedessa & Captain Hatt smile with glee
taking possession of the compass & map
cat yawning, exhausted he needs a nap
twinkling of an eye they are back at sea

Sleeping under silent stars & silver moonlight
new treasures to help them on their way
towards the coral reef & emerald bay
reaching for each other whispering good night

lost in the reflection of your eyes
  a sea of hope resides
lost in the reflection of your eyes
  a sea of hope resides

 posted for dVerse... a little fun for tonight and for those who wondered about the journey it continues to the emerald bay known as bora bora...


  1. This was fun, Truedessa. A wonderful magical adventure!

    1. Thanks Mary..it was fun to write..

  2. cats always need a nap...ha...and i have always wondered at rainbows being a portal to another world...loved this continuation of your tale...tail...it is a cat you know...smiles.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I think a rainbow is a bit magical and who knows could be a portal to another realm. The cat got me started on these tales and now I just find them fun to write.

  3. hahaha quite the tale
    You set sail
    Dragons and rabbits
    The pair are getting into bad habits
    Captain Pat Hatt sang too
    Surprised it didn't wake the sleeping dragon or turn all blue
    A genie found from the giant littlerbox
    Beats a pair of ratty socks
    And now they have the map
    Unless it is some evil trap
    We shall have to see
    What becomes of them as they find glee
    while the cat just covers his ears
    Or gives a few oh dears

    1. So glad you enjoyed the tale
      as we took sail looking for
      that emerald bay..lol..
      let's hope the map helps
      them find their way to
      treasures galore..

      PS - I told you that you cannot staple my lips

    2. Pleasure and treasure
      To each hope there is no measure
      And staple those lips
      Hmm maybe I'll find something else aboard some passing ships

    3. Pleasures & Treasure
      in a deep blue sea
      feeling the gentle breeze
      watchful, I will need to be
      who knows what you will find
      in a passing ships hull
      just don't bring back any skulls

    4. What if it is a crystal skull though?
      It gives of fa shiny glow?
      Could be worth a penny or two
      Actually I'll probably think of Indy 4 and throw up in my mouth upon view lol

    5. crystal skull..hmmm..that might do
      could tap into a lost civilization
      new discovery, as we break through
      beam us up to a space station..

  4. What an adventure, very imaginative write ~ Yes for those magical powers and finally for the cat to take a nap ~ Enjoyed this one, smiles ~

    1. Sometimes it is fun writing an adventure or two something different to entertain my muse.

  5. This is super cute. What an adventure.

    1. Myrna thanks for the visit and the reply.

  6. ha smiles...what a journey... just read pat's comment as well..smiling

    1. Good Morning Claudia,

      Thanks for the visit...

  7. what a rich imagination you have, i got lost in this tale at sea, lost in all the rich imagery and the cat napping. my reply to you, is refelected in my favorite passage;

    lost in the reflection of your eyes
    a sea of hope resides
    lost in the reflection of your eyes
    a sea of hope resides

    to see Hope reflected in someone's eyes, is far better than any app.
    have a wonderful day, Truedessa.

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and kind comment. I hope you have a wonderful day as well.

  8. Rich with imagery, strong story-telling and magic and fun; what more could I ask for?

    1. Thank you for the visit and I am glad you enjoyed my adventure at sea.

  9. Very clever - a sort of inverted ballad - like that you've reversed the rhyme scheme to match the fun, whimsical take on Aladdin and the Genie. Well done.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for the the visit and the kind words. It was a fun poem/story to write. I sometimes like to go
      outside the box and try different styles of writing.

  10. You sure bring this journey with a fun read... very good adventure

    1. Bjorn, Thanks so much always nice to see you here.

  11. Lots of fun! Bora Bora ~ please may I make itt there in this lifetime!

    1. Thank you and I hope you find your way there someday and if you do let me know how it was as I am still on a

  12. What a journey, creative and good.

  13. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! k.

    1. Thanks for visiting..I do enjoy writing
      these adventures.

  14. ...fun...fun...fun... and just the kind of read i needed after a day of loaded crazy paper works & tax reports.... you are very well inspired today my friend... i can feel it... smiles... very creative execution & very rich portrayal of imagination... much enjoyed... thanks... smiles...

    1. Hi Kelvin

      How is my friend doing? Thank you so much for the visit and your kind words. I hope they aren't working you too hard and you have some time for your beautiful poetry.

  15. Quite an adventure under a September moon but all is well when
    dawn breaks.

    1. Thanks for the visit..a fun adventure for sure..

  16. Clever :) I'll bet this series is a blast to write.

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks for the visit and yes, it has been a bit of a blast to write something a little off the wall.