Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Who Are We ~ In Hues of Blue

unknown artist

Who are we Blue after the spring rain
would time wash away all our pain
what would it take to make us feel alive
when will our dreams finally arrive

Is it our lust for life,  that keeps us believing

Who are we Blue after the summer sun
would we smile at the stories we spun
what would it take to make us shine
when will the universe show us signs

Is it our lust for life, that keeps us searching

Who are we Blue after the fall leaves
would our hearts grow heavy and grieve
what would it take to make us smile
when will the journey feel worthwhile

Is it our lust for life, that keeps us dreaming

Who are we Blue after the winter snow
would we remember our earthly show
what would it take to lift our hearts higher
when will our dreams fill our desires

Is it our lust for life, that keeps us loving

Happy Birthday Blue
from True to you!

an early gift - Hope you have a great day!


  1. I think Blue is really going to like that - it captures his essence well.

    1. We shall see he usually does a post on June 14th.

    2. I should be more creative and draw something awesome. Tell me, True. I've been so lazy. Okay, tired, exhausted and what not, but still. Tell me.

    3. Yes, you should draw something awesome! Light that spark of creativity.

    4. But I'm so tired... I hope you don't know what that's like. I want to read but fall asleep, I want to write but fall asleep... I want to dream and fall asleep (but don't remember)...

      Hi True
      What's new?

  2. Sure have to keep going. Blue does that easily with his showing. He'll like it indeed.

  3. That is the sweetest gesture and poem *smiles*

    1. True is sweet and a loyal friend. I didn't see this poem coming.

    2. It was a surprise just for you
      I left no hints or clues...

    3. Not a single one. This one came out of the... blue. :D

    4. But, Blue It wouldn't be a surprise if I left a clue...

  4. I knew there was a reason you capitalized the word "Blue!" So, Blue's birthday is coming up? He should love this poem.

    For some of us, I'm not sure that we ever reach a point when "the journey feel[s] worthwhile."

    1. haha - "Blue" a proper name...

      I think we have moments when the journey is worthwhile, you just need to get lost in the splendor of "now"

    2. A proper name it is
      Doing the Cat's rhyming bizzz
      How about that
      On your True Blue mat?

      Okay enough. :)

    3. Blue is a proper name, yes indeed.

      Blue as the sky, ocean, robin eggs, moon and of course I will toast you with a crisp blue margarita..(haha , I had to throw that in there)

  5. I don't know what to say. I'm moved, True. What are you doing to me? :)

    I love every word of your poem. Wow... a poem... for me?

  6. I am smiling at Blue's response. You made his day. Everyone should have a poem written for him sometime. This one is very lovely. Today I am really appreciating the fragility of life and that, those times when things are going well, we need to truly appreciate them. A boat sank here, two people survived, three young men are missing - two of them brothers. The community is searching but losing hope. It is devastating. I saw the father a day before this happened, happy and laughing and sitting in the sun. Now he will never be the same. Take joy where you find it, kids. It can change so quickly.

    1. Sherry this is such sad news and a reminder to enjoy each day as life is precious.

    2. So much sadness everywhere. And then, when you least expect it... a poem written by my friend True. How about that?

    3. ;) how about that just for you!

  7. What a beautiful gift for Blue!
    Makes me smile, with all the great comments! Big Hugs to everyone!