Sunday, December 5, 2021

Do Not Weep - I Have Your Back

The Sunday Muse Picture Prompt


Do not weep child, my spirit is with you

you often came into the woods to play

on the grounds marked as my territory


often sharing your lunch when no food

could be found...berries and bread to

fill hungry bellies


your gentle and respectful

nature, a joy to watch from

my vantage point


The hunter came and you heard the

the shattering gunshot of my enemy

quickly, running to my side, heaving

your trembling body upon my wound,

spilling blood, soaking your protective apron

your tears falling into my eyes as I inhale

and exhale my last few breaths


Your grandmother came and knelt by

my side....taking my giant paw in her hand

she called upon the ancient spirits to lead

me home...over the sky bridge


A mournful cry, compassion in my wolfish eyes

grieve not friend, my spirit will always be 

with you ...I will guard your back in darkest times


when you see the daisies in the clearing

know that I love you


as, for the hunter, the pack will pick up

his scent and have no mercy....for I am

the alpha....


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Author's note:  I saw this prompt yesterday and thought
I will think about it.  Well, last night this played out in my
dreams.  It was a bit unsettling and I woke with teary eyes.
A story poem, Thank you for visiting 


  1. I love how the image impacted your dreaming and the poem that followed …. Inspiration comes in many forms.

  2. Very evocative. A complete tale in a poem.

  3. Oh my goodness, this poem brought tears to my eyes too. So heartrending. I love the compassion in the wolf's eyes, even as he lay dying. A beautiful poem, True.

  4. I'm feeling teary myself! Very emotional poem, Truedessa.

  5. Wow some serious dealt with here.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  6. That hunter is in for a very bad day...

  7. Truedessa, you are giving me the goosebumps. You definitely tapped into something with your vision.

  8. A mournful cry, compassion in my wolfish eyes
    grieve not friend, my spirit will always be
    with you ...I will guard your back in darkest times

    Love the care and feelings expressed here True! One is more concerned with the act of violence perpetuated rather than it being a wild animal. The compassion reserved for it transcends the fear for a dangerous beast. Stay safe Ma'am!


  9. A beautiful and heart stirring story poem Truedessa. It is always a blessing to see you at the Muse!

  10. Oh yes, your dream was much more vivid and violent than mine, but I did sleep on the photo and there were words in the morning. This is a sad poem; the action was fast but the mourning lingered long. Great!!

  11. This catches me up in the story--one wonders how much of this will find its way through her life.

  12. Hi Truedessa - this was very powerful and so true for those who can see and be with the spirit life - loved it - excellent dream, which I'm sure will stay with you for many a day. Cheers Hilary

  13. A story poem...Love it. I hope she never loses touch with the wolf in her. Beautiful