Tuesday, April 5, 2022


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Bassan's inner world is unraveling
melodies of his life changing tempo
stars remotely burn, emptiness traveling

Tremors of yesterdays haunt his mind
deep inside his heart, unspoken words
a guarded sanctuary, he alone can find

 Venturing on a humanitarian mission
channeling breaths of spiritual energy
wondering if dusky clouds impair his vision

Deciphering ancient technological codes
wandering the fringes of a celestial sphere
unlocking cosmic secrets an uneasy road

An interstice left open, hints of possibility
summoning courage in challenging areas
testing the outer boundaries of his ability

 Cold darkness prevails in absence of light
lost society paralyzed by debilitating fear
maneuvering faith in the corridors of night

Rocking an unstable planet, a twist of fate
exploring keys in the search for freedom
battling time and space before it's too late

 Bassan must command unmanageable forces
overcoming his own walls of self doubt
installing hope, altering Ugar's course

Can a hero shine in time to save the planet
buy the book and journey into space
no need to panic, just relax and enjoy it

Congratulations my friend on your newest book
in the Cassa Series. Wishing you success on your
latest Space Opera "CassaDarK". 

Traveling the sky-way of the imagination takes
courage and hard work.  

peace and friendship

Release April 5, 2022

Coming April 5, 2022!

By Alex J. Cavanaugh

Science Fiction – Adventure/Space Opera/Space Exploration
Print ISBN 9781939844842
EBook ISBN 9781939844859

You can find out more about Alex and his release here


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

    1. You are welcome my friend. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy.

  2. A wonderful testament to your friend's work. Very beautiful, True.

    1. Thank you! My small way of helping a friend,

  3. How cool is that!
    Congrats, Alex!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Way to give a great shout out.