Friday, June 28, 2013

Behind the Cloak

Will you miss me when I'm gone
did I mean anything at all
as darkness turns to dawn
clasp the shawl  of early  mourning
came with no hazardous warning

Too afraid to gaze into my eyes
as my ghostly spirit passes by
in the light no place to hide
will you turn & walk away
broken heart  would you pray

On bended knee,  in despair
reveal yourself behind  the cloak
haunting chill fills the air
will your words make you choke
on salted tears, craving a smoke

No need for a sympathetic  apology
symphony of my life, playing on a violin
deliverance,  heart- wrenching  eulogy
memories, faded photos of another time
peaceful  harmony , melody of wind chimes

Taste of sweet wine,  poison upon thy  lips
love is a tragedy, Romeo & Juliet
desiring  to grasp the cup, indulge in sips
tis, not our destiny to decide, tragic fate
toast to everlasting peace,  open the gate

Author's note: imaginary garden with real toads
Fireblossom Friday - writing prompt - Loss

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Caught in an Avalanche - dVerse

Musical  songs swirl  the air
exclusive notes, written with artistic flair
sweet harmony, a lover's serenade
melody hauntingly beautiful, extraordinaire

You are the spark that ignites my desire
strike  the match, teasing flames rise
dancing to the beat, rush of  body heat
scorched hot flesh, you take me higher

Smoldering eyes
   Lingering fingers
     Pearly beads of sweat
       Catching an urgent breath
Whispering sweet words I fall apart
teardrops of sweetness, drip into my heart
embracing, the moment of our infinite love
interlaced bodies, abstract art

layers of majestic splendor, passions mounting
white capped mountains melting
we search for the green valley
avalanche, traces of our souls drifting 

down the slopes of our love...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shower Me With Words - Poetic Idioms hosted by Kelvin

Shower Me With Words

There's many a true Words
spoken straight from the heart

Take my Word for it ..
would I lie under a moonlit sky..

Actions speak louder than Words
take my hand show me what you mean

Tell me your inner most secrets
I promise not to breathe a Word

Your beauty is beyond Words
I am at a loss for Words

Your voice is music to my soul
I hang on to each Word..

Some Words are spoken in jest
but,  actually ring true..

Them are fighting Words
put away your boxing gloves

Mark my Words
tomorrow is a new day

What's the Word
the Word of the day

What's the magic Word
open sesame to dreams

A Word to the wise
be careful of your Words

A picture is worth a thousand Words
let's paint one with vibrant hues

One final Word
try to live by your Word