Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shower Me With Words - Poetic Idioms hosted by Kelvin

Shower Me With Words

There's many a true Words
spoken straight from the heart

Take my Word for it ..
would I lie under a moonlit sky..

Actions speak louder than Words
take my hand show me what you mean

Tell me your inner most secrets
I promise not to breathe a Word

Your beauty is beyond Words
I am at a loss for Words

Your voice is music to my soul
I hang on to each Word..

Some Words are spoken in jest
but,  actually ring true..

Them are fighting Words
put away your boxing gloves

Mark my Words
tomorrow is a new day

What's the Word
the Word of the day

What's the magic Word
open sesame to dreams

A Word to the wise
be careful of your Words

A picture is worth a thousand Words
let's paint one with vibrant hues

One final Word
try to live by your Word


  1. wow - i had no idea that there are so many idioms with words - i should've known though...i'm at loss for words..ha.. very cool

    1. Hello Claudia,

      I was surprised when I realized how many there really were related to words so, that is when I decided to create something using just that words. Thanks for the visit.

  2. with words...they give life and take it...they are powerful for sure...and once you lose your word, its not easy to get back...that is for sure...smiles.

    1. Brian,

      Oh, you are right words are a powerful tool in the world and we should choose them wisely or we may eat a word or two. Have a beautiful Sunday...

  3. I think this is just awesome and collecting all the word idiom.. but sometimes actions speak louder than words...;)

    1. Bjorn,

      Good Day Sir, hope yours is going well. I agree actions often speak louder than words. If only those could hear our words.

  4. Wow! You went all out! Nicely done!

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the nice words...

  5. Are you trying to put words in my mouth?
    I'll bite and cause a growth?
    I'd like to have a word with you
    You may eat those words at your zoo
    I am a cat of my word
    Never lost for words, as that is absurd
    Pat can be a man of few words
    By word of mouth it can be chirped by the birds
    What's the magic word?
    Ready to flip me the bird?
    A word to the wise
    The cat lies
    Some cat get a word in edgewise
    With the cat's rhyming cries
    So just say the word
    And the cat will drop a turd
    Famous last words?
    Or is mum the word for the herds?
    that is my last word
    Now I'll go kill a bird

    1. You are a naughty cat
      and a cat of many words
      are you smiling like a Cheshire cat
      I wonder are you a fraidy cat
      Oh no, did I let the cat out of the bag
      a cat in gloves, catches no mice
      at least it didn't rain cats and dogs
      here at by was sunny all day
      are you like a cat on a hot tin roof
      be careful when you are away as the mice will play
      Oh, cat what did I tell you about killing birds
      that is a NO NO see I sort of like
      my birdie..

      Too darn funny I see you are a cat of humor
      always, with the last word..(teehee)

    2. haha the cat will leave your birdie be
      And avoid flipping it the bird at your sea
      Birds of a feather flock together
      Except when cats and dogs rule the weather
      Last word in mine
      All to the feline

    3. So glad you will leave my birdie be
      as she means so much to me
      and thank goodness there is no
      flipping of the
      that would not be nice to see

      Cat, if you are good I will
      mail you out a trout..

    4. Just keep the cage door closed for the birdie
      And leaving her alone will be no sweat for me
      I hope it is wrapped in ice
      The cat could return the favor and send you dead mice lol

  6. Wow, very impressive list of word idioms ~ I am at loss for words, but so agree with the wise sayings specially to live one's word ~

    Isn't Pat so funny in his reply ~ Glad to see you so comfortable with the crowd ~ Smiles ~ Happy week ~

    1. Hi Grace,

      I have to say I never knew there were so many word idioms until today. This was rather fun to put together something a bit carefree.

      I have to agree Pat is hilarious and a good friend to me. That rhyming cat is rather amusing..(lol)

  7. Clever and creative.I find idioms apart from Aussie ones difficult to incorporate. Fine job!

    1. Good Evening,

      Thanks for visiting..and the kind words.

  8. ...ah, i like what you said at the my friend... live by your word/s... is tough to do that but once we did we'll the respect we all deserve to have... many leaders of the world failed to exercise that philosophy thus leading to poor leadership & lost of trust from their subordinates... everyday,just think of how many words we throw to the world... how many of 'em are truth... how many of 'em are exercised, acted, done... how many of 'em can actually change the world... i think you created a piece worthy of deep ponderings... a poem at its best... thank you... smiles...

    1. Kelvin,

      Thank you for the interesting prompt..I took a bit of a different approach but, it is fun to experiment with different ideas. Thank you for your thoughtful words and I agree words can change the actions of people and perhaps countries as well. Action speaks louder than words..we need more positive action in the world.

      Peace to you in your part of the world...

  9. Say what you mean
    mean what you say
    and don't say it mean...

    That was words they used to teach me to not lie. Life is SOOOO much easier for me when I say truth.

    Thanks for inspiring me to think about these things.

    1. Good Morning Steve,

      I like what you said above..very true words. Interesting thing about truth they say truth will set you free..perhaps, it does in many ways. I'm glad you enjoyed my list of words to ponder.

      Have a great day!

  10. Very cool! You definitely have written Words for the Wise here. I will take your word for it, for I know your word is good as gold. Smiles!

    1. Hi Mary,

      Welcome back..thanks for the read and the reply it's nice to see your cute doggie here again.

  11. Words set to keep them in line
    Words are the rage all the time
    Word's the word
    None that offered
    Words relayed with lots of chimes!


    1. Hi Hank,

      Thanks for dropping by with a few words..I enjoyed them very much.

  12. Words, wish we could all learn to gently use them...Very well assembled here. Thanks

    1. Hello,

      Thanks so much for the reply and I agree we all need to watch our words as sometimes they can hurt. Hope you have a lovely day.

  13. 'Words are all I have to steal your heart away...' Now, who said that?
    Click HERE.

    1. Hi Blue

      Words are all I have but, words will always touch my heart.. Thank you for such a lovely song...excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye.