Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bumpy Dream

Pic Truedessa's Collection

From heaven a star child once fell
within her heart a dream did dwell
lyrical songs , a magical spell
bumpy ride she could not foretell

poetic words spilled from her soul
penning verses on ancient scrolls
on secreted roads, she did stroll
seeking pieces to make her whole

weary from travel, on knees she fell
clinging to words, parchment scrolls
in mystic dew, a dragon on a stroll
new vision fortune she could foretell

awakening dreams, within her soul
opening space, for love to dwell
sleeping under a wondrous spell
healing torn wings, feeling whole

with clarity she can now foretell
embracing love's magical spell
forever the melody will dwell
from heaven a star child once fell

sharing with Poets United
form Martin Verse  

authors's note: Martin created his own form
and invited readers to try it and so I did.

Thanks Martin for the inspiration!


  1. It is definitely fun to try a new form sometime....and you really created a stellar poem with it. What a lovely theme as well!

  2. From down to up, life sure can go many away as love comes to play. Fun form indeed.

  3. I LIKE this new form! And the poem is beautiful....I especially like the star child falling from heaven........and healing her torn wings.

  4. Great use of martin verse.
    And the star child may have fallen - but her words rise. And soar.

  5. Like new forms and thanks for the introduction. You did it well,


  6. Cool form, and a great story too.

  7. An interesting form - and what an enchanting tale. Lovely!

  8. It will always be in her heart.

  9. Interesting form..very lyrical.

  10. You Did It!!!
    and exceptionally!
    Thank you so much.

  11. I think your title is very descriptive of the form--the poem reads like a bumpy circle... much like life.

  12. this is a beautiful poem & you've used this form so effortlessly...a fantastic read...

  13. Love the story and rhyme. well penned too.

  14. Magical story for a magical time...bkm

  15. Love the tale, love the form... :-)

  16. interesting form, and the poem is a real joy to read.
    i like the image of "from heaven a star child once fell". there are many possibilities of looking at it. :)

  17. Kudos, True. This would make a wonderful, illustrated fairy tale.