Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bora Bora We Sail!

Captain Pat Hatt and Truedessa continue to sail
the emerald waters, in search of the mythical
island of dreams known as Bora Bora..

Under a blushing sunset they drift
gentle ebb & flow of the ocean waves
Captain at the helm steady course, winds shift
steering the eerie waters, phantom graves

Truedessa gazes into the distant sky
creeping horizon, a silvery moon
cat by her side her heart softly sighs
dreaming of the turquoise lagoon

coral reefs, colorful fish
manta rays glide on water wings
it is said the heavens can hear your wish
playing on your heart strings...

whispers echo in the sprays of  night
each rolling wave brings a song
let us sleep under starlight
together  where we belong

hanging on for our dreams to unfold
hanging on for our stories to be told
hanging on for that handful of gold

abruptly,  cat arches his back
hissing into the endless black sea
"Damn are we under attack"
what is it cat , what do you see

pair of shiny dark green eyes
water pounding on the deck
thrashing body, humongous size
clammy chill upon our neck

giant creature , over 75 feet
rising his head, planning to devour
Captain Pat,  we will defeat
all hands on deck, we fight this hour

harpoons sailing through the air
slamming his powerful  tail
 beast eyes hideous glare
heavens open up a shower of hail

lightning bolts slash the sky
Truedessa & Captain Pat fight
rhyming cat by their side
swinging with all their might

serpent snatches the cat
Truedessa's  bloody scream
Captain Hatt, we'll get him back
suddenly, she recalls a dream

Poseidon,  I call upon your power
hear my plea in the name of  love, arise
with your trident, during this hour
bring this serpent to his demise

awakening,  from  the depth  of  the  sea
powerful  striking force, upon the beast
the cat is flung to the ship free
serpent hisses  &  dives, his retreat

Poseidon speaks...

I heard your heartfelt songs of love
they echo in the caverns below
follow your hearts, the white dove
like the shining stars love will glow

smiling he silently submerges
Truedessa embracing Captain Pat
to Bora Bora we go to satisfy our urge
with the amazing rhyming cat...

hanging on for our dreams to unfold
hanging on for our stories to be told
hanging on for that handful of gold

the adventure continues....

The gateway, to dreams
beckons our feverish pitch
venturing on with steady feet
dancing to that driving beat

posted for dVerse - told you cat you never know...


  1. haha - now that is a nice adventure with you, pat and the cat - glad poseidon turned up just in time...smiles

    1. thank you Claudia..it was fun to write..

  2. haha oh a tale like no other indeed
    Continued at your feed
    Rather take on grumpy goo
    Than that huge thing from a zoo
    Good thing a God was around
    To make it run away like a hound
    And the poor rhyming cat
    Even if a fake representation one at your mat
    Had to get some drool
    But he'd lick it off like a fool
    His ego rised with amazing too
    And oh to the gutter he could go with a view
    But instead he'll just sit and smile
    Now that the overgrown sardine is floor tile
    As Bora Bora is still at hand
    Well we search throughout the land

    1. The cat was saved for the day
      as he has so many things to say
      Grumpy Goo was so much fun
      as he sailed under the golden sun
      until you sliced him in two
      and what happened to Captain Red Shoe
      perhaps, he is looking for his rum
      as we continued to sail the sea
      searching for those coconut trees...

    2. Seems to be a hit
      Once more at your sand pit.
      You know what is to come
      By my little rhyming bum
      Working on another one now
      Brian is right, my ego is bigger than the size of a cow haha

    3. Hi Pat and Cat.

      Tell me did you enjoy my tale
      as we sailed, at least we weren't
      swallowed by a giant whale..

      Brian is right you are working
      as I write. Hopefully, you won't
      stay up all night..

      Pleasant dreams...

    4. Yeah a big smile
      Sure went a mile
      No big fish bait
      Will get us at any rate

    5. A smile makes it worth while.
      I'm glad the pen didn't make
      us fish bait, that would not
      be a good fate..lol..

    6. Wait until post 900 at my sea
      You may be fish bait after all or swing from a tree lol

    7. what are you up to at your sea
      I might swing from a tree?
      Would I be spunky like a monkey
      Fish bait you say while I swim in a bay
      sounds like it may be an interesting day

    8. It will be interesting for all in the fray
      And not too far away
      May have to take the day off to read
      As it isn't the typical affair at my feed

  3. What an imaginative tale. Next thing we know you are going to be putting out books on Amazon too! LOL. All you need is an illustrator.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the kind words. It was fun to write a bit out of my normal mode.

  4. This is so creative and magical Truedessa ~ How gallant of Poseidon to rescue you guys ~ I must say, you surprise me ~

    And I second Mary on the suggestion ~

    1. Hi Grace,

      Thanks so much..I just decided to add on to that story after Pat and his Cat's video. It sort of took a life of it's own.

  5. smiles...so funny,
    you realize what you've started
    the cat wont get enough,
    his ego inflated, ha
    this i am sure will continue on
    i do hope you dont make us wait long

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the visit always nice to see you here on my wall. Gee, I am sure the cat will have something to
      say at his bay...

  6. A wonderful respite from the normal stance. Very refreshing Trudessa. You have a great partner in trade in Pat Hatt! One gets unduly creative upon visiting Pat. Very exhaustive and realistic episodes shown. Brilliant!


    1. Hi Hank,

      Thanks for the nice comment. I agree I think Pat has given me some creative energy in a different form.

  7. what an adventure and what a great piece of poetry! I commend you on your hard work on this one!!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thank you so much for the kind comment. So nice of you to come over for a read.

  8. may dreams continue to unfurl, wide and free

    1. we should always strive to keep dreams alive..

  9. Contessa Truedessa , may all your sailing adventures be happy ones !

    1. Thank you Kutamun,

      Adventures are fun even if they are just in the imagination.

      have a good day...

  10. What a fabulous tale! I felt like I was watching an adventure movie. Loved it! A pure delight, Truedessa.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you so much for reading and the delightful comment. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again...

  11. Oh, the energy and playfulness of your tale. This was fun to read.

    1. Hello Beth,

      A bit of an adventure and a fun one to pen. Thanks for reading and the reply. Have a good day!

  12. Truedessa, this is wonderful fun and children would love it. You and Pat should consider a book for Amazon.


    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Pat already is a great writer of children's book.

  13. Such a fun! I see it as cartoon with stormy music...Congrat. on winning poem! Thanks for visiting me!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and the kind reply. It is always appreciated.

  14. Love what you do together here ... an adventure indeed...

    1. Thanks so much..I am glad you enjoyed the adventure.