Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letter from another time...

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Dear Ancestors,

I have heard your soft whispers
blowing through tall green pines
please remember us & our ways
calling me to a higher understanding
moving vessel between two realms

I have walked beside you on rustic trails
through oppressive darkness & bright light
soared on the wings of a red tail hawk
swooping the forest & canyons below
new perspective flowing river of life

I have sat by  your warm campfires
gazed into roaring flames, listened
crackling & popping of hot embers
heard amazing stories brave warriors
fighting for survival during  harsh times

I have danced counter-clockwise
under a velvet sky & golden moon
haunting native rhythm water drums,
wooden flutes & shaking turtle rattles
caught in the beat feathery feet

I have heard your cries & felt your pain
watched  in sadness over a dying land
trees disappearing,  water no longer pure
earth changing click click of hands
modern times & evolution of mankind

I have embraced the arms of a journey
followed a path through woodlands
traveled  a field of wondrous dreams
seen faces of hope for lost people
in the shadows of a new world

I have given my heart to learn the way
of the dreamer, so that I may unlock
the gateways to new dimensions
finding the keys to possibilities
welcoming  the colors of  imagination

Thank you for awakening a sleeping storyteller..

A Dreamer...

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  1. each story a journey in itself

    1. That is true a journey within a journey..Thanks for visiting and the comment.

  2. Love the connection to the past and the old ways of the ancestors...still relevant and powerful spiritually...I like the dreaming and crossing of realms...there's still much to learn from them.

    1. Good Afternoon,

      I am glad you could feel the connection as the past holds answers for the future. Dreams can be so revealing. I hope all yours are good ones.

  3. Such a beautiful poem/letter, that resonates with me deeply. I especially love "I have given my heart to learn the way of the dreamer". Sigh. Beautiful.

    1. Hi Sherry,

      I knew you would feel this one deep in your soul. I am glad you came over to read. Wishing you a day filled with light and wondrous dreams.

  4. smiles. i am glad that story teller was awakened in you....that you keep one foot in the old way and still yet look is sad what we have done to our earth...

    1. Hi Brian,

      I like to dance in the dream world as sometimes there are great stories waiting to be explored. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  5. it's important to remember our ancestors, the way they thought and lived cause it's part of our history and some of the things today can only understood from backward as well... good on keeping that storyteller awake..

    1. Thanks Claudia and it is true we can learn a lot from the past as we pave roads in the future may we remember to walk in the grass.

  6. The communication with our ancestors is so important, they did their mistakes, and we repeat them unless we listen, and they can see the folly of our ways I guess... the life we live and what we destroy in the name of progress. Wonderful read.

    1. Hi Bjorn,

      Communication is a gateway to hope for the future. We can learn and grow if we listen. Thanks for the visit.

  7. I really love this, Truedessa. What a wonderful idea, to write a letter to your ancestors. Truly wouldn't they surprised if suddenly they were able to visit life as you know it today? We owe so much to them, things that we may not even realize. Your poem shares both the negative and the positive of the past leading to today!

    1. Mary,

      Always a pleasure to read your words as you have an uplifting spirit. Thank you!

  8. With out each one
    You wouldn't be here to enjoy the sun
    Each task they took
    Whether learning to cook
    Or defending their nook
    Even sacrificing a rook
    All lead to this day
    So one foot back and another forward to play
    Sure is the way to be
    Just don't hurt the legs of thee
    That is a big stretch haha
    Hope some big dreams come you can fetch

    1. All you said is true
      as the past comes in view
      it paved the way for today
      I will try not to hurt my legs
      as I stretch from day to day
      hoping for those big dreams
      a small drink from the well

      Hope you are swell...

      gee, now you have me rhyming back
      at my a good day!

    2. Didn't take much work at all
      To get you to rhyme at your hall
      Rhyming back is grand
      Hopefully the well is full in your land

  9. You sound awake with positive dreams - wonderful.

    1. Thank you! I like the sound of that...

  10.'s true my friend how everytime i stand & look before a towering tree it's as if i'm seeing face to face the men of old time.... i love the gentle nature quality of your poem... it didn't make me feel stranger at all... excellent, yet again... enjoyed it... thanks... smiles...

    1. Kelvin,

      How are you my friend? I know you feel nature as well and not surprising you would find a friend in a tree as they have deep roots.

    2. ...i'm doing good my friend... though from time to time we get busy finishing some corporate projects... attending tax seminars... etc... but i'm trying to keep in touch whenever possible & practicable i can... no work right now as it has been cancelled earlier due to the extremely bad weather we have back here since friday... ha, a li'l more time to rest i guess...and maybe to read & write more.... take good care... smiles...

    3. Hi Kelvin,

      So sorry to hear about the bad weather. Please take care and be safe. I hope you get some time to write as you have a beautiful pen that speaks from the heart.

  11. I liked this very much. I often wonder what we would say to each other if we should ever meet up with our ancestors.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for visiting. I guess we would start with hello and welcome to my world.

    2. I have some ancestors that I have come to know through my family tree work. To them, I would say "hello"... and to GrandMother Brown, I would say to her, "It's good to see you again." Obviously, there is a story there...

      Of course, I like Truedessa's reply as well...


    3. Ah Shoes,

      I sense a story as you have said "It's good to see you again"..there is always a story and I love stories.

      Good to see you my friend.

  12. Over time, I have come to know many members of my past family quite well... One that stands out for me is a great great uncle who served with the 87th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War.

    I have a photo of him... and I have ordered a custom made 'forage hat' similar to the one he is wearing in his photo, that will hang on the wall next to his photo... just so he will feel at home.

    It really isn't a great stretch to "let go" and really "feel" them. I think they want to know us.

    As always, Truedessa, this is a great post!

    Thank you for the message you left at my place. I haven't felt well for some time, but I think I am finally starting to turn the corner on some things.



    1. Hi Shoes,

      So, nice to see you here. I've been worried about you as you haven't been around. Thanks for sharing this part of you. I agree you can get to know your ancestors and feel them. They want to be remembered through the hands of time. I really like what you are doing with the picture and the hat. Maybe, you can send me a picture when you have it all mounted on the wall. I would like to see him and feel his presence.

      Were you able to teach your summer classes and I'm sure now you are getting ready for fall classes. I hope you feel
      better real soon shoes.

      Bright Blessing my friend...HAR!!! had to say it..:

  13. I loved this poem. I have images of my ancestors, and my husband's, all over the house, sepia moments of conscience. The way you described the awakening is so memorable, so filled with life and palpable breath! Wonderful, and thanks so much, Amy

    1. Amy,

      I am glad you enjoyed my poem. I do think it's wonderful that you have images of your ancestors as their lives/story lives on. Thank you for visiting.

  14. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of writing! I'll wager it is straight from the heart, too.

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thank you so much and you would be correct this came straight from my heart.