Sunday, November 10, 2019

Song of the Frost Moon

Photography by Sarolta Ban

Though a tree no longer stands
amidst it's neighbors, it's roots
still remain forever sturdy

Through the rings of time, the heart
of the great pine beats a melody
for the forest dwellers

Protected by a thin misty veil
animals (deer and boar) gather
listening to the songs of
gusty wind-pipes

November's full frost moon
filters light, to the forest below
 mourning, the loss of warmer days

Fallen leaves now provide
 a place for  bedding down
before winter's chill arrives

Gathered are the spirits of nature
survival sings on ancient drums
take only what you need, for all
life is precious...

written for The Sunday Muse
Thank your for reading!


  1. I love the message in this poem. All life is precious indeed. I especially love "survival sings on ancient drums".

  2. A great post! I love your blog. Your content is very interesting < 3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  3. I love the thought the animals gather in honor of the fallen tree listening to the lonely sound of the gusty wind pipes. It conjures mystery … and hope somehow.

  4. Oh.. if we could only live by that to only take what we need... if only then the spring would be even brighter.

  5. A tribute to the tree, still bringing comfort to those nearby.

  6. It may be gone, but its roots - its soul - lives on for others.

  7. I love the tone of this poem.

  8. This is beautiful Truedessa! A beautiful tribute to nature and all it's relationships. Life is precious indeed!!

  9. Even when things change there is still a use beyond what we see, only have to look.

  10. I remember reading your poems on Blue's blog more than once. Your talent is astounding. You deserve awards for these...

  11. Perhaps it is a lullaby to comfort until spring tears away winter's monochrome canvas. Beautiful

  12. A beautiful poem, "Through the rings of time" and "it's roots remain sturdy" speaks of many years and many more to come.

  13. What a lovely poem, filled with hope.

  14. "All life is precious" - Indeed it is. Thanks for the poignant reminder

  15. "Gathered are the spirits of nature" as if all are in tune.