Saturday, November 2, 2019

Darker Shade of Blue

courtesy of Pixabay

I am a darker shade of blue
fall is losing it's vibrant hue
where has precious time gone
slipping away with each dawn

is there hope for you and I
some days I just want to cry
would you feel my growing pain
in remnants of autumn's rain

reflective puddles form at our feet
how can love be so bittersweet
our souls searching for that dream
would our hearts pause in midstream

drenched in fragile earthly skin
can healing waters be felt within
sing to me, of  November's rhyme
kiss my lips, while there's still time

tell me true, what do your eyes see
why does this cloud hover over me
sunny days are somewhere in the sky
let's spread our wings and simply fly

author's note: Inspiration found here
This one is for Blue! Yes, I am
feeling it too...


  1. I knew it was for Blue the moment I started reading it. Has a great rhythm and depth. Blue will dig it. And hopefully not be so blue.

  2. Replies
    1. It's just for you!
      I hope it made you feel less blue.

      hugs and love

  3. Oh yes, those November clouds! Wishing for sunny days for you. Fly high!

    1. November clouds, rain and winds. I"m not sure how high I could fly. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Hopefully the sun shall shine as it can be there, but many a time super hard to find.

    1. That it is Pat but, we know it's out there waiting to once again shine.

  5. A darker shade of blue..........I feel it winter closes long as one can dream, one can fly.......

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting.

      Let us dream on - always