Friday, March 8, 2013

Half Past Two!

With my eyes,  when I sleep
half past  two, I dream of you
in an  infinite deep

flying the sky ways, lost and alone
my thoughts no longer my own
I dream, I dream of you..

Am I dreaming my life away
or is my life caught in a dream
I stream a lover's scene...

I see a vision before my eyes
a love so intense it makes me cry
two souls tango in a night sky

orbiting around silver stars
cohesive in thoughts
body and mind

 slipping into your arms
I find my peace, I find my calm
drifting off to sleep..


  1. Nice place to sleep
    Can sure sleep deep
    When you find your peace
    And the thoughts cease

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks so much for stopping by
      and leaving such a nice reply!

  2. There is a balance in this poem that makes it so easy on the eyes and mind. It's beautiful. Touching. There is some irony in the piece. You write with a great deal of comfort, but there is a touch of distance and pain...I love your writing.

    1. Jessica,

      Thank you for dropping in to read my work. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and I am so glad you enjoy my poetry.

  3. no where better to find that sense of calm than in a lovers arms...and two tangoing...well that is some fine play as well...smiles...hope you have a wonderful weekend...

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks so much for dropping in always nice to see you here. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

  4. In crystal waters my visions become clear....
    ivory towers slowly disappear
    grains of sand slipping through my fingers
    memories of you linger
    to you I will always wave

    Life can be cruel as it's interesting! The loved one is always there to be remembered though the road remains bumpy! That's how I read this! Nicely Truedessa!


    1. kaykuala,

      I thank you for the comments. I think you meant to put this under Mystery of the sea..but, no worries as I appreciate the comment no matter where it is posted. thanks again...